Reflections after Module 1
Career Services / 19 January 2018
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MBA in International Healthcare Management Class of 2019
Sneha is a physiotherapist from India. She has been living in Germany for two years. Although she enjoyed practising as a physiotherapist, Sneha knew she wanted to progress her career and an MBA from Frankfurt School would be the key to achieve her goal. After her first residential module in Frankfurt, Sneha can already see the impact the MBA programme has made on her personal and professional life.

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I am a physiotherapist from India. I have been living in Germany for about two years. I enjoyed practising as a physiotherapist and helping people deal with their aches and pains, however I knew I had an inclination to more of a management role in the healthcare sector. I acknowledged the positive impact an MBA in International Healthcare Management would make in my professional life.

Why Germany?

Germans are warm, welcoming and helpful. While I was working as a volunteer in Europe, I had the opportunity to visit many places. My first visit to Germany was good enough for me to call it my second home. The nation is known for its economic stability and a strong social structure based on solidarity. Why should one join the IHM MBA program at FS?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Because it is in FRANKFURTThe city is on its way to becoming Europe’s financial capital. That just means – blessed and prosperous are those educated ones who live here!
  2. You don’t need to go through exams like GMAT and GREI appeared for one of these exams six years ago and I passed with a decent grade but my score wasn’t valid anymore. I didn’t want to go through the entire process all over again.
  3. The IHM MBA program has a good ratingMy search for the best business schools began in the month of September 2017. I noticed that Frankfurt School of Finance and Management was not only rated as one of the best business schools globally for people with Finance as their background but also for their MBA in International Healthcare Program.
  4. FS have their own career servicesThat means you can avail excellent career advice and support all the time. They have a strong network. You are privileged to attend MBA events and evenings, attended by many companies. This is a great time to get your doubts cleared, get acquainted with the companies, find out what is new and needed for you to shine.
  5. The MBA is part timeIt allows you to balance your work and studies. You have the possibility to make a progress in your education without being insecure of staying out of the job market for two years.
  6. For the love of travellingYou probably wish to visit fantastic places like Washington, Singapore, London, Dubai, India but you haven’t booked your tickets yet because you didn’t have a good enough reason to do so. Frankfurt School conducts these modules in highly reputed institutions like JOHN HOPKINS. A name every aspiring healthcare professional would love to flaunt in their CV.

My entry at FS IHM MBA Program

Everything about FS was enticing enough for me to get over my inhibitions. The more I researched about them, the more ambitious I became. I decided to call them up to know more about the prerequisites. It was a pleasure to talk to somebody who was ready to help. The interview was scheduled for the next day. I was a bit nervous as the interview began, but the interviewer kept encouraging me throughout. The interview went on for more than 30 minutes and for me it has been the most fun yet introspective interview ever.

I was happy when I found out I had been accepted into the programme, but I was also worried at the same time. I arrived on the first day of module 1 in a nervous state. The impressive infrastructure of the new FS campus worked like a shot of caffeine. Now, I just had to get rid of my nervousness.

I was introduced to the Professor and to all the class participants. There were physicians, surgeons, gynaecologists, biomedical engineers, pharmacists, CEOs with soon-to-be CEOs along with business professionals. They had come from different parts of the globe, different age groups, different cultures, languages and with incredible experience. A class that was purposely blended so well with an attempt to enrich the overall learning experience of the group.

They Care

I was a bit anxious during my first lecture. I began to question my abilities after the first hour in that class. I wasn’t sure if I deserved to be in this classroom. I shared my concern with the Program Director during the first break. She spoke to me with such conviction and honesty. I regained my confidence and got back to being ambitious. I realised that everybody had a story to tell and so did I. I could contribute to this class in multiple ways.

Seven exhausting yet glorious days

The first module was an introduction to finance and the different healthcare systems. The Professors were experts in their fields, they possess tremendous theoretical as well as practical knowledge. They focused on the practicality of the subject. We were taught smart ways to implement the ideas and concepts into our professional as well as personal lives. They taught us things that weren’t all written in books. Seven days were enough for me to realise that I am not managing my finances well. I learnt the art of making the right investments and now I have a fair idea of how to make financial decisions.

A place to debate and learn about various issues

It is a place where every participant plays a role of an experienced teacher as well as an inquisitive student. I found myself in a class where I was encouraged to be curious and awarded not for my silence but for my reasonable questions. Healthy discussions were a part of every lecture and the professors were never in a rush to wrap up a good discussion.


I have witnessed people establish good business relationships. Every candid conversation entails professional advice. Even after one module I can see the difference the MBA programme is making to my professional career prospects and to my personal development. If you are thinking about an MBA to enhance your career, I will certainly recommend joining this MBA programme.