4 Reasons to choose the MiM at Frankfurt School after your bachelor’s degree at DHBW
FS Life / 13. Mai 2016
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MiM class of 2017
Hanna holds an Undergraduate Degree from DHBW Villingen Schwenningen (BA BWL Bank) and is now a FS Master in Management (Strategy & Organization) student.


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After finishing my bachelor’s degree at DHBW – in dual cooperation with a bank – I always knew that I additionally want to pursue a master’s degree. But it took three years!!! of searching until I found the perfect master program for me. At first I was unsure if I would pass the admission procedure at Frankfurt School. And secondly I did not know if I would have the requirements to start the Master in Management (MiM). But as always: keep smiling and everything will go well. =) And it went well. So at the moment I am in the middle of my first semester of the MiM and I am happy about my choice.

The MiM has four huge advantages for former DHBW bachelor students that are reasonable to consider:

  • Due to your 210 ECTS you are qualified to skip the pre-semester (which is the first of the in total four semesters). So you can reduce your study time to three semester which is quite nice when you are thinking about the highly accepted university degree that you will receive. So in general the choice is yours. Of course you are also welcome to join this pre-semester and get to know all your nice fellow students from the beginning on. =) But from my perspective (and I can say that as somebody that also finished her Bachelor’s degree quite a long time ago=)) you are well prepared when you are coming from the DHBW, so you don’t need to have concerns with skipping the pre-semester. And remember: Practical experience is an important asset when we are talking about a master program. This is something that you already have when you studied at DHBW.
  • The MiM offers you the possibility to study part-time. In general the courses are on three days a week (often including a Saturday) so you still have the chance to continue working. I already liked the combination of theory and practice during my DHBW studies. So I am really happy about this possibility (at this point I want to say a huge thanks to my company that makes it possible). With that time model I have the chance:
    • to develop myself in the company (short info: I am still a permanent employee) without losing what I have already established there and
    • to continue learning in “another way” during my study time which I can apply to my job.
  • You can choose betweenfive super interesting concentrations that allow you to deepen your interests and knowledge. We are speaking here about the concentrations:students
    • Manufacturing
    • Strategy & Organization
    • Digital Business
    • Marketing
    • International Business

As I already said: I searched a long time for the right master program that would fit my interests one hundred percent. The different kinds of concentrations were crucial in my decision to choose the MiM because they are unique and special compared to other programs out there.

  • One decisive advantage of the MiM which you have to consider when you are coming from a DHWB is that the complete master program is in English. The courses at DHBW are generally in German. Because I did not have the chance to study abroad in my bachelor, studying in English was a must in my choice of a master program. The international fellow students and the considerable partner universities of Frankfurt School complement the international connection and are giving us the equipment to succeed in an international environment.

All in all the MiM offers you a great further development after your DHBW bachelor’s degree. So don’t be scared to apply for the MiM at Frankfurt School because the DHBW is in general a great basis on which you can build up on.

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Philip Töpfer

27 October, 2016

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this platform, I mean I've just started the program a month ago (DHBW-Bachelor) but I was already considering and thinking of how to move on. Hope you achieve well, P.T.