A new year of solutions
Student Initiatives / 4. April 2019
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Master in Management Class of 2020
Konstantin studies the master in Management at FS and is member of the Student Council.


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Starting our term as the new Student Council (StuCo) we were asked to introduce ourselves to you, fellow students and prospective ones.

Well that’s us: Katharina Stitzl (Speaker), Lynn Cunningham (Co-Speaker), Loreno Bartra Soto (Initiatives), Michelle Weber (Initiatives), Jonathan Peter (Treasury), Julia Wieghardt (Treasury), Anja Köhler (Projects & Events), Antonio Gutiérrez (Projects & Events), Tom Richter (Communications), Konstantin Krichbaum (Communications).

First of all, we want to thank all of you for the trust you have given us as well as last year’s StuCo for all of their achievements in 2018. Thanks to their vigorous engagement, last year’s StuCo came to agreements concerning the 15%-rule, extended Casino opening hours and provided lockers available on campus.

Of course, achievements also carry challenges and obstacles with them, and compromises have to be discussed and decided on. Although we are aware of these obstacles, we want to focus on finding solutions for them. This year our motto is: “Cooperation is key!”.

Therefore, in 2019 our goals are to:

  1. bring the students closer together,
  2. bring the students and FS management and staff closer together and
  3. improve communication between the administration of the different Bachelor and Master programs, especially when coordinating events.

We heavily rely on the active engagement of the student initiatives, courage among the students to be open-minded and a strong FS spirit. You don’t feel that much FS spirit yet? Then help us to change that! Give us feedback of how FS can improve and take action to make that change. The StuCo represents your voice.

Of course, we cover other areas as well with our work, but we’re convinced that many problems in these areas will solve themselves by just making the responsible individuals talk to each other. And whatever might come our way, we’ve got it covered! To a new year of solutions!

For any wishes, concerns or questions drop us an email at or on Facebook.

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