Being part of a community starting from day one
Master of Finance / 6. Oktober 2021
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Master of Finance Class of 2023
Ruben is a Master of Finance student. Before starting at Frankfurt School he graduated from the University of British Columbia in Canada.


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The first time I ever heard of Frankfurt School (FS) was in March 2021 when I was in the process of creating a list of universities I was interested in. Scrolling through the Financial Times Rankings for Pre-Experience Master of Finance programmes, I was intrigued by the high salary figure listed next to FS and decided to note its name simply out of curiosity.

Over the next few weeks, I began eliminating universities from my list for various reasons such as location, tuition, required experience, etc. I was left with six universities, and FS was one of them. At this point, I still did not know a lot about FS apart from the basic numbers and figures, but the likelihood of me applying was ever-increasing. The logical next step was to do more in-depth research and to discover what FS was all about.

Why FS is Different

I thoroughly read through the webpage and brochure, attended the Master Evening, and got in contact with current students. The more research I did, the more I realized what exactly makes FS stand out. Yes, it has excellent career services, an expansive professional network, and high post-graduation salaries. However, what drew me to FS the most was its diverse and supportive environment.

Researching other universities, I got the impression that there was a certain divide between local and foreign students, as well as a potentially destructive internal competition; FS was different. No matter who I talked to – current students, alumni, admissions team members – there was always an emphasis on community. FS seemed to foster an environment in which individuals supported and built each other up. To be able to study in such an environment was extremely important to me and I knew that if my assumptions were true, FS was where I wanted to pursue my Master of Finance.

By the fact that I am writing this blog post, I am sure that you have guessed correctly that I applied to FS, got accepted, and decided to study here. We have just finished off our fourth week of classes, and I can say that my expectations of FS have been far exceeded. 

A Supportive Community

As I had guessed, the level of support between peers is truly amazing. Let me give you an example. Last Monday I had a job interview with a managing director, for which I was recommended by my FS Invest department head. Unfortunately, due to complicated Coronavirus circumstances, all my suits are currently halfway across the globe, so I ran out immediately on Saturday to buy a new one for my interview. When I went to pay for the suit my card threw an error. Normally, this would not be an issue as I could go to the bank on Monday and get everything sorted out, but this would have been too late considering that was the day of my interview. Luckily, a good friend I had made during orientation offered to pay for my suit (I paid them back later) and I was able to attend my interview looking great. In the end, everything worked out for the best and I got the job!

This story is proof of how FS students help each other out. Even though I have lived in Frankfurt for less than a month, the support that the FS community has provided has been almost unreal. I am excited for the future knowing that I am surrounded by a strong network of like-minded individuals and am sure that there will be many more stories like the one above.

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