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Master of Finance

Combining corporate finance studies and work experience: a winning strategy
14. April 2023
Michelle Sander
Exploring corporate finance and embracing the Three-day Model at FS
20. Juli 2023
Manvi Chitkara
Choosing the right path: My reasons to enrol at Frankfurt School
4. Juli 2023
Tim Ollig
From Frankfurt School via BCG to my own business
1. Dezember 2021
Klaus Henneberg
Master of Finance – the fitting complement to my work in Sustainable Finance
24. April 2023
Luisa Ingerberg
Master of Finance: Choosing the Financial Advisory Concentration
6. Februar 2023
Philipp Brinkmann
Being part of a community starting from day one
6. Oktober 2021
Ruben Louis Thiemann
My master trip to Luxembourg: new financial perspectives in a historic city
19. Dezember 2022
Anastasiia Tsiluiko
My Part-time Master of Finance Journey
13. Juli 2022
Sina Heubrock
Creating a Startup while Pursuing my Master's degree
15. Februar 2021
Rene Morgan
Master of Finance or CFA – Why not both?
16. Februar 2022
Dongya An
Pushing my career by opening an M&A consulting firm
10. Februar 2022
Julian Coley
Starting a Master's during COVID: What can you expect?
27. Januar 2021
Paul Leibrock
How my start-up idea won the Solve for Tomorrow Challenge
4. November 2021
Katharina Porenta
Moving from a small country to the financial centre of Europe for my master's
3. November 2021
Hayk Darbinyan