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Master of Finance

My journey in capital markets, risk auditing and class leadership
18. Dezember 2023
Luc Fleischmann
How to navigate life in Frankfurt as a master's student: Tips and tricks
19. Februar 2024
Lusine Afrikyan
Reflections from my experience at the Sant'Anna Business Game 2023
19. Januar 2024
Sachin Baid
Combining corporate finance studies and work experience: a winning strategy
14. April 2023
Michelle Sander
Exploring corporate finance and embracing the Three-day Model at FS
20. Juli 2023
Manvi Chitkara
Choosing the right path: My reasons to enrol at Frankfurt School
4. Juli 2023
Tim Ollig
From Frankfurt School via BCG to my own business
1. Dezember 2021
Klaus Henneberg
Der Weg und die Erfolge der FS-Studenten beim HEC Business Game 2023
15. Mai 2023
Florian Schlösser
Master of Finance – the fitting complement to my work in Sustainable Finance
24. April 2023
Luisa Ingerberg
Being part of a community starting from day one
6. Oktober 2021
Ruben Louis Thiemann
Master of Finance: Choosing the Financial Advisory Concentration
6. Februar 2023
Philipp Brinkmann
My master trip to Luxembourg: new financial perspectives in a historic city
19. Dezember 2022
Anastasiia Tsiluiko
Creating a Startup while Pursuing my Master's degree
15. Februar 2021
Rene Morgan
Master of Finance or CFA – Why not both?
16. Februar 2022
Dongya An
Pushing my career by opening an M&A consulting firm
10. Februar 2022
Julian Coley