Career counselling & workshops: how FS career services go the extra mile
Career Services / 29. April 2019
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Full-time MBA Class of 2019
Javlon is a Full-time MBA candidate with a background in finance and logistics.


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As an MBA student at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, I can definitely say that the Career Services offered in this school have proved to be very helpful and effective in preparation for the highly competitive job market. From the early beginning I was offered different training sessions ranging from career planning to individual coaching; there are literally a dozen of them that helped to frame my profile in the best possible way. Moreover, the program offers workshops with external experts focused on developing interpersonal skills to successful positioning and effective networking. Considering my diverse professional background and status as an international student, I found certain career sessions and professional trainings extremely valuable in customizing my background to the German job market.

Application training and CV workshop

In these training sessions, I have learned about how to write an appropriate CV and cover letter, specifically for Germany. There are certain standards and requirements that should be followed in each document. The online learning tools, including competency analysis methods, provided me with very useful materials and tips on good career planning and CV and cover letter writing. Additionally, I would like to mention the school’s online career platform, which provides excellent resources in guiding me through the stages of effective preparation for the job market.

Success stories of international MBA graduates and individual Career Counselling

These workshops have been one of the most helpful in my job search and application process. Learning about experiences and insights of job hunting from the graduates who were in the exact same situation as you are now, is motivating in such way that you feel more organized and focused directly after the sessions. Availability of networking and making contacts during such events added special value and significance to my future endeavors.

Individual career coaching is the most powerful tool offered by the Frankfurt School Career Services, in my view. Conducted by the team’s career counsellors, a one-to-one consultation touches all the moments of job search and provides constructive feedback to align your career goals to your core competencies. I analyzed my CV and cover letter with Rosa Homburg, Senior Career Counsellor at Frankfurt School, and worked out the next steps to achieve my desired job position with her. I clearly knew what additional skills I had to acquire to be competitive and was even provided with key resources and contacts of specialists whose guidance helped to organize my entire preparation much more efficiently.

Interview training with external experts

All members of our MBA class eagerly awaited the interview-training workshop with senior executives. They covered everything from how to find a job to effective preparation for the interview, from appropriate dressing to friendly handshakes and even to a moderate smile to impress the employer. The session was so interesting, useful and interactive that we were surprised at how quickly the time went when it ended. One-to-one job interview trainings scheduled after the workshop were just as helpful in getting all the insights of real interview processes and becoming aware of key interview questions.

Nimble Networking and non-violent communication skills

Conducted by external trainers, these workshops focused on teaching the secrets of effective networking in different environments and on developing the ability to conduct collaborative communication. For me, learning the correct ways of interacting with different people, maintaining a friendly atmosphere and at the same time, being aware of unconscious phrases and themes blocking the intention, were vital in generating effective networking skills and building strong professional relationships.

In addition to the above mentioned workshops, there have been plenty of others designed to boost confidence, enhance various soft skills and increase career chances. I am so glad and thankful for these opportunities that allow me to acquire such skills and knowledge as they will without a doubt contribute to my future success.

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