Choosing the right path: My reasons to enrol at Frankfurt School
Master of Finance / 4. Juli 2023
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Master of Finance Class of 2024
Tim is a Master of Finance student. In addition to studying at FS, Tim is also working as an M&A Intern at PwC.


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Deciding where to pursue a master’s degree in finance is no small task. After completing a dual bachelor’s programme, I had a clear vision of what I wanted from my next academic journey. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (FS) checked all the boxes for me, and I want to share why.

Why Frankfurt School stood out for me

The reputation of FS as a leading business school was an initial attraction. But all that glitters is not gold, and I wanted to experience what arguments the university can put forward to convince me to pursue my master’s there. Two events sealed the deal for me:

My first interaction with the university occurred at a fair for prospective master’s students. There, I met an FS representative whose job was, of course, to persuade students like me that FS was the top university choice. Knowing this, I focused on other factors, such as her communication style and openness.

Her charisma and positivity quickly shone through. The comfort I felt during our conversation made me think: if this is a reflection of the campus culture, I would undoubtedly feel at home here.

Subsequently, I attended a Master Info Evening, an event designed for interested students to experience the campus environment firsthand. The moment I stepped inside Frankfurt School’s building, I was taken aback by its modern aesthetic quite a contrast to my previous educational surroundings during my bachelor’s.

The evening kicked off with an introductory talk by the head of the Entrepreneurship Centre. Listening to his professional journey made my mind wander towards my future career and the possibilities that could unfold with an FS degree. The networking session that followed was a space for open discussion. It was then I knew, with certainty, that this university was my choice for pursuing a master’s degree.

With its blend of cultural vibrancy and economic dynamism, Frankfurt promised an enriching environment for my studies. The fact that 53% of the students in my programme have an international background was another appealing aspect, promising diverse cultural interactions.

Academically, FS stood out with its high-quality courses and accomplished professors. For instance, my statistics professor, a former Federal Reserve official, brought a wealth of real-world experience to the classroom. Learning from such professionals is inspiring.

A unique blend of community and academics

The sense of belonging at FS struck me from day one. It’s embedded in the smallest experiences, such as running into familiar faces at the Deli, our school café, and engaging in exchanges over a cup of coffee. The community atmosphere doesn’t just end at casual conversations; it extends to academic support, too. Here, everyone is united in a common goal—to reach their professional dreams.

This community spirit is further enriched by the numerous student initiatives that bring the campus to life. Whether it’s International Day that showcases a myriad of cultures, or networking events that connect us with industry professionals, FS offers more than just academic education. It provides opportunities to broaden our horizons, fostering personal growth alongside intellectual development.

Building a future at FS

FS not only equips students with knowledge but also prepares us for the professional world. It’s a place where high aspirations are the norm, and this environment pushes you to aim higher and work harder even during those late-night study sessions. A memorable highlight of my journey so far was participating in the New York National Model United Nations Conference an opportunity that the FS administration and the student initiative FS MUN made possible.

The networking opportunities at our campus and beyond are plenty. From events to career counselling, the school provides resources that have helped me and many others secure our footing in the professional world. One of my personal triumphs was landing a student job in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) at an event hosted by FS Invest, another student initiative.

Reflecting on the worth of my education

Reflecting on my journey, I often remember my initial hesitation regarding the investment for my master’s degree. Today, I can confidently say it was worth it. The opportunities, experiences and networks the university offers are invaluable.

In conclusion, my time at FS has been enriching in ways I hadn’t imagined. The experiences I’ve gained, the friends I’ve made and the knowledge I’ve acquired are all integral parts of my journey. This is more than just a university; it’s a community that nurtures success and celebrates achievements. If you’re contemplating where to pursue your master’s, consider Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. It was the right choice for me and could be for you too.

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