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On the road to New York
9. November 2015
Neal Swaelens
Introducing FS MUN and the National Model United Nations Conference
1. August 2023
Nick Wenzlaff
Exploring banking & consulting scene: Adventures from the FS MUN New York trip
3. Juli 2023
Lea Kutschera
Behind the scenes at UN: FS MUN delegates visited UN Headquarters after hours
1. Juni 2023
Lucas Bastian
Inside the prestigious NMUN Conference: FS delegation's exhilarating journey
11. Mai 2023
Yelyzaveta Bondarenko
FS MUN – Anything between Researching, Negotiating and Clubbing
4. Dezember 2017
Jessica Keck
FS MUN 2017
17. Juli 2017
Ann-Sophie Molter
How to Become a Delegate and Represent Frankfurt School in New York
14. Februar 2017
Stephan Wittig
NMUN 2016 – An unforgettable experience
5. April 2016
Chiara Geipert
Why I love New York
18. März 2016
Rachel Ascoli
Japan: 10 astonishing facts you might not know yet
6. Januar 2016
Frank Hemmert