Learning by doing: How FS and PwC prepare me for my future in digital business
Master in Management / 2. Februar 2024
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Master in Management Class of 2025
Tatjana Maksimovic is studying for a Master in Management degree at Frankfurt School, specialising in Digital Business, Technology, & Operations concentration. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media Management and works in the Technology Transformation department at PwC.


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Balancing a role in the Technology Transformation department at PwC and pursuing a Master in Management at Frankfurt School, I experience a unique blend of academic learning and practical application in digital business. In this blog post, I will delve into my journey, the reasons behind choosing Frankfurt School, particularly its Digital Business, Technology & Operations concentration and the valuable insights I acquired as a working student at PwC.

The world of Digital Business at PwC

At PwC, my role in the Technology Transformation department aligns perfectly with my interest in Digital Business. We delve into themes like digital transformation and work on a variety of projects involving generative artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, blockchain and more. As part of my role, I was involved in various phases of several projects and gained insights from requirements engineering to prototyping and testing.

Being part of a project from its inception to its completion has taught me the critical importance of each project phase. Specifically, I’ve learned to understand client needs, innovate during prototype development and ensure quality in testing. This involvement has not only broadened my understanding of digital business but also enabled me to make significant contributions to these projects. Furthermore, these experiences have enhanced my technical skills as well as my abilities in project management and teamwork.

Working at PwC is especially enjoyable for me, not only because the projects are highly interesting and offer extensive learning opportunities but also due to the company’s pleasant corporate culture.

My decision to choose the Frankfurt School

I chose the Master in Management programme at Frankfurt School for several reasons. The school’s reputation for outstanding teaching and its focus on digital business topics initially caught my attention. Importantly, the strategic location of the school and the flexible 3-day study model were also crucial in my decision-making process. Moreover, the Digital Business Technology & Operations concentration was the final piece that confirmed my choice because it aligns perfectly with my career goals and interests.

Throughout my studies at Frankfurt School, the curriculum has provided an enriching educational journey. It dives deep into digital business nuances and blends theory with real-world applications. Additionally, the diversity among my peers adds valuable perspectives, enhancing my learning experience.

Learning and growing in both roles

My dual role as a working student and a master’s student has been incredibly rewarding. At PwC, I work on challenging projects, understand the complexities of digital transformation and develop practical solutions.

At Frankfurt School, I gained theoretical knowledge and strategic insights that complement my practical experience. This combination shapes my understanding of the digital business landscape. In this dual capacity, I have honed my ability to apply academic concepts in a real-world context by bridging the gap between theory and practice. Moreover, the challenges I face in both roles continuously push me to enhance my problem-solving skills and adaptability, which are essential qualities in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Conclusion: Embracing the future

Juggling a demanding job at PwC and a master’s degree requires effective time management and prioritisation. The 3-day study model at Frankfurt School is a significant advantage, enabling me to focus on both my job and studies without compromise. The programme’s global perspective, emphasis on practical approach, networking opportunities and a level of digital business education are shaping me into a forward-ready professional prepared to tackle the evolving challenges of the dynamic digital landscape.

Reflecting on my journey, I appreciate the opportunities and challenges I’ve encountered. Working at PwC allows me to apply my academic knowledge in a practical setting while my studies at Frankfurt School build a solid theoretical foundation and hone my critical thinking skills. As I continue this path, I am excited about the future and its possibilities in the digital world.

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