Switching gears: Transitioning from Engineering to Management
Master in Management / 15. April 2024
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Master in Management Class of 2025
Rahul Jain is currently studying for a Master in Management at Frankfurt School, specialising in Data and Business Analytics concentration. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering and currently works in the Pricing department at Döhler Group.


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After completing my Bachelor’s degree from SRM University in Mechatronics, I joined Escorts Kubota Limited, an agri-machinery conglomerate, as an Engineer Trainee in Plant Operations and Quality Analysis of their engine division. This role also facilitated frequent interactions with upper management and sparked a profound interest in understanding the dynamics of top management decisions within organisations. I thought pursuing a Master in Management degree would be the perfect way for me to transition into a new field.

Why Master in Management and why Frankfurt School

Opting for a Master in Management (MiM) degree seemed like a natural progression for me. Despite possessing strong analytical skills that I cultivated through my engineering background, I recognised the need to enhance my soft skills and gain a comprehensive understanding of financial and managerial concepts. The prospect of immersing myself in the accounting world was particularly enticing, as well as a challenge in its capacity.

Top 5 reasons for choosing Master in Management at Frankfurt School

  1. Central location: The School’s central location is nestled amidst financial and pharmaceutical giants, presenting unparalleled opportunities for networking and securing part-time employment, aligning perfectly with my aspirations for industry exposure and post-study scope for full-time employment.
  2. Work & Study: Frankfurt School’s unique 3-day study model perfectly made sense to me as I wanted to work part-time alongside my course. I strongly believe in gaining industry exposure and applying concepts taught in class during your studies, fostering a holistic learning experience.
  3. Concentration options: There are 4 different concentration options in the Master in Management programme at Frankfurt School, allowing you to shape your studies according to your career goals. I chose to study a Data and Business Analytics Concentration, which appealed to my quantitative background in engineering. This concentration promised to infuse managerial education with analytical rigour, equipping me with the skills necessary to further pursue a career in business analytics.
  4. Excellent Alumni Network: The stellar feedback from an international Alumni Network further cemented my decision to choose Frankfurt School. Hearing firsthand accounts of the programme’s excellence and its impact on professional growth instilled confidence in me regarding the quality of education I would receive.
  5. International classroom: Finally, the international class demographic at Frankfurt School was a major draw for me. The prospect of studying alongside peers from diverse nationalities and academic backgrounds excited me, as I believed it would provide a rich learning environment conducive to gaining insights from varied perspectives.

My journey so far

Despite transitioning from a different educational background, I found the courses meticulously structured to facilitate a seamless integration and relevance to the business landscape. Modules such as „Financial and Performance Management“ and „Operations Management“ have captivated my interest, offering invaluable insights into strategic decision-making and operational strategies.

Furthermore, I am also thankful to the Career Services at Frankfurt School for helping me build a good CV, assisting me with streamlining positions relevant to my profile and helping me secure my first working student position in the Döhler Group, a food ingredient manufacturer.

Additionally, the 3-day model completely facilitates and aligns perfectly with my lecture schedule, making it easy for both me and my employer. Courses sync perfectly with the working schedule to ensure a smooth integration of academic theory into practical implementation at the workplace.

Exciting opportunities ahead

As I eagerly anticipate delving deeper into the core modules of my chosen concentration, I look forward to the prospect of learning from esteemed professors and forging meaningful connections with fellow peers. The journey ahead promises exciting opportunities for growth and development, and I am keen to embrace them wholeheartedly.

If my journey resonates with yours or if you simply wish to learn more about the MiM programme at Frankfurt School, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. I am always open to sharing experiences and insights with fellow enthusiasts.

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