My 'Halfway There' with the FS EMBA
Executive MBA / 8. Juni 2023
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Executive MBA Class of 2024
Grigori is currently studying in the Executive MBA programme at Frankfurt School. Before entering FS he worked as a CFO in a global commodity trading firm, General Manager at structures of Oman Investment Authority (Sovereign Wealth Fund). Grigori moved to Germany from Belarus in 2018 to pursue his career as a Director of Export Trade Finance at a German bank in FFM. He has significant international sales, finance and business development expertise.


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At the beginning of 2022, I had no plans to enter the Executive MBA (EMBA) programme at FS. However, the political situation after the Russia/Ukraine war in February 2022 and the expected winding down of my bank gave me an opportunity to concentrate on personal development and execute my former objectives to complete the leading European MBA programme. For that purpose, I applied to the EMBA programme at Frankfurt School, which is ranked 4th in Germany (FT EMBA 2022).

The value of an EMBA

Throughout my career, I was confident that MBA is a „must have“ degree I have to obtain, especially to progress in the area of my expertise. From time to time, I monitored educational developments in the MBA industry, arguing about beliefs that MBAs are overrated, ratings of schools and feedback from graduates and non-graduates. I was inspired and gave recommendations to my colleagues who were later admitted to Warton, INSEAD and other leading business schools. I must admit that EMBA is a weighty financial investment and contribution of time, which is not available often for most of us, especially during the progression of our careers and family matters. During the admission process, we joked with the FS EMBA Programme Director that buying a nice e-bike and investing in an EMBA is more worthwhile than going for a luxury car without an EMBA. This is a German type of investment, and that resonates with me.

During my EMBA, the diverse range of modules, covering finance, accounting, leadership, strategy, marketing, innovation, people responsibility, digitalisation, global economy and many others, equipped me with a holistic understanding of the latest and most efficient trends in management and business development. Great value is in discussions and group assignments where we simulate and find solutions for complex business cases. I may conclude that I wish I could have learned these modules much earlier, so I could avoid some embarrassing mistakes before or promoted more efficient business development within my organisations.

Exciting electives and global learning opportunities

Halfway has passed already, but more excitement is coming. By the time this blog is published, we will be accomplishing the Change Management and Innovation module at one of the most prestigious and oldest Universities in Ireland, Trinity College, Dublin, with a fascinating programme, including a site visit to Microsoft.

I look forward to the execution of two electives in June and July 2023. One is on Financial Growth, aimed to manage the financial value creation happening at FS and hosted by Prof. Dr. Stefan Petry, Lecturer in Finance at Alliance Manchester Business School. The second one is New Venture Creation at Reichman University, in Tel Aviv, hosted by Prof. Yossi Maaravi, Dean and Co-founder of the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship at Reichman University. As a matter of fact, Israel’s start-up ecosystem is currently ranked 1st in the Middle East and 3rd in the world. Additionally, thanks to FS, I will take a Machine Learning and AI for Business module at the prestigious SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, ranked 4th as per FT B-School Rankings 2022.

It is so exciting, isn’t it?

Why an EMBA FS? Is it worthwhile?

I answered these questions many times as an FS EMBA programme ambassador. If you are an ambitious person seeking new challenges – undoubtfully yes! The sooner you get a broader view of business management from a C-Executive perspective, the more efficient and brighter your career will be. In my opinion, Frankfurt School grows quickly and aggressively. Investments for the tuition at FS will recuperate quickly with a surplus. For example, FS has significantly improved its position in the FT Executive MBA Ranking 2022 compared to the previous year and now ranks 62nd worldwide (83rd in 2021). And this is just the beginning. Congratulations to the FS team!

Fully equipped to launch

Reflecting on my EMBA journey thus far and looking forward to the second half, I am filled with gratitude, excitement, and anticipation. The programme has exceeded my expectations in terms of personal growth, professional development, and networking opportunities. Special appreciation for my peers! I feel that now I have an open gate to a community of game changers and business influencers who are becoming my close friends. Amazingly, within our EMBA cohort, I am already witnessing success stories in which the FS EMBA played a key role. Personally, I broadened my views above the limits and on my „halfway there“, I am already full of entrepreneurial spirit.


„You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.“
– Wayne Gretzky

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