My personal experience with „Professional Start“ – the Trainee-Program of msgGillardon
Career Services / 1. Oktober 2018
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Business Consultant
Michael Pollner started his career with an apprenticeship at a local bank around Stuttgart. Afterwards he studied economics in Bonn & Giessen. During his studies, he worked for four years as a working-student: three years in a project-management position and one year at a small investment bank in the finance department.


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How a working student position goes hand-in-hand with my university experience

After graduating from university, I still was not sure where my career would go even though I gathered a lot of work-experience before my studies by an apprenticeship in a bank and meanwhile at different working-student positions. I was sure that I wanted to be in contact with people and be some kind of a problem solver. Therefore, I got more and more in touch with the idea to get into business consulting.

Since I already got some experience in IT-area, I wanted to combine both of my previous paths: my banking know-how and the IT path. Due to that I started to search a company with a good and healthy grow and a strong standing in the financial service industry.

My search ended after I went to the interview at msgGillardon for the “Professional Start”-TraineeProgram. It was all I was looking for: a lot of personal development options, two months of intensive training, networking with other trainees and an overall welcoming and hearty culture at the company.

My first day and the start of the Trainee-Program

I started my first day together with all the other new employees in Ismaning (near Munich) where the .msg-group headoffice is located. We got to know the values of the company and basic information about the intranet, processes and where to ask for help.

The second day was also the first day of our two-month trainee-program. We started with some trainings about project management, SCRUM, presentation skills and many more. One of the biggest trainings was the “Bankfachwissen kompakt”-certificate exam for which we were prepared by a lecturer of the FSFM for two weeks. For me it was a nice opportunity to refresh my knowledge, which I hadn´t used much in the past 6 years after completing my apprenticeship at the bank. For all the other trainees, who never had been in touch with a bank, it was a very helpful way to get to know all the processes of a bank in a fast crash course.

Over the whole two months we were given a case study to prepare for real projects. We had to create a platform to rate our company intern speeches at different internal events. We designed and created the platform and presented it on the last day of our trainee-program to the whole management of the msgGillardon. It was a very fun day and we had a nice party to celebrate our first real achievement deep into the night. Overall, the whole two months were an amazing time because every week we visited another one of our big branches of the .msg all over Germany.

The most beneficial part of these two months is the networking within the company. Due to a job in the consulting industry there is also a lot of travelling combined with it. Whenever I visit a customer in Munich, Hamburg or Düsseldorf I arrange a lunch or dinner date with one of my colleagues of the individual city.

My life at msgGillardon now

I joined a project to banking regulations (AnaCredit) about one month after my trainee-program. I got more and more responsibilities in the previous year. I did workshops for banks at management level about regulatory requirements and how to implement our standard software BAIS. Now I’m training two new trainees on my own project so they can support the project and get in touch with customers right away. I really enjoy working here, which is not only because of my fast development and the given opportunities but also because of the amazing team and all the nice moments we already shared.

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