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Career Services / 25. Oktober 2019
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Claims Management Specialist at TARGOBANK
Carolin Mandel works at the TDG in Duisburg since 2016. Carolin is a specialist in the Claims Management where she works on processes, projects and different tasks from her department manager. In September she started her part-time studies.


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My name is Carolin Mandel and I am 21 years old. I live in Mülheim, just 10 minutes away from the TDG in Duisburg and I am specialist in the department “Claims Management” of the TARGOBANK. I work there since 2016 and I have started to study in September 2019 in Düsseldorf. In my freetime I like to spend time with twin sister (who also works at the TARGOBANK), I train regulary at the gym or I meet my friends and my boyfriend. I would like to give you an insight of what it means to work at the TARGOBANK and why I especially like it so much.

When you think of a financial institution, are the first adjectives „narrow minded“ or „boring“ that come to your mind? Then you feel the same as I did before I started working for the TARGOBANK. Because we are anything but the adjectives I mentioned and I was allowed to experience that on the first day immediately! How? This is what I would like to tell you in this article.

The fact that my expectations and prejudices did not come true, I was already able to experience at the Assessment Center. That was the day when I got my training place. It was a rainy day in January 2016 and I was terribly nervous. But arriving there, I was warmly welcomed by very kind employees of the TARGOBANK, so my nervousness was taken away from me right away. The day just flew by and I could not believe it when I was finally accepted for my apprenticeship. I still had more than half a year until the start of my training where I could get to know other companies. But this day had convinced me so much that I exactly knew – this is where I belong. The values of the TARGOBANK are taken seriously here and I am really convinced that you can “see” that. Whether „simple“, „powerful“, „reliable“ or „at eye level“, all values can be found in every part of the bank. And that is exactly why I like to come here.

I did my training in the service centre of the TARGOBANK, the TARGO Dienstleistungs GmbH (short: TDG). We have many different departments spreading on 13 floors with more than 2,000 employees. As already mentioned, I did my training in the Claims Management and took my final exam in November 2018. Then I passed the oral exam in January 2019. I did not even ask myself whether I wanted to stay at the TARGOBANK after my training or not. Now I work on projects and processes and support my department manager on various topics. Also that I started studying in September is no problem at all. I was accepted in the program „Studieren mit der TARGOBANK“, where you a supported financially to be able to work and study at once. I was able to reduce my weekly working hours easily and even find it a little sad to be less in the TDG due to the days I go to university instead. Because the TDG is not only an employer for me, but also the place where I got to know a lot of great people.

The flat hierarchies in our company are also particularly important and remarkable. The team is always considerate of each other and a good atmosphere in the team is ensured. We do not only pay attention to the satisfaction of our customers, but also to that of our employees. It is clear that with so much appreciation and team spirit, colleagues do not always remain „just colleagues“. Great friendships also develop here. I did not only gain great colleagues, but I also found a friend who I look forward to see every day when I enter the office. And best of all: I know that my work and my commitment are appreciated and that I am offered the best training opportunities here.

Has TARGOBANK addressed you in the same way as me and you would like to know more? Then have a look at our homepage. There you will also find all our current job advertisements.

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