The part-time MBA community: Professional, diverse and ambitious
Part-time MBA / 11. Februar 2020
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Part-time MBA Class of 2021
Michael is an international business professional and American expatriate with over a decade of professional experience across multiple sectors and he has worked with clients, customers and colleagues in the NGO, consumer services, telecommunications, healthcare & life sciences, automotive and technology sectors. He is a proud graduate of the 2021 Part-time MBA programme at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.


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Looking for the right business school

To set the stage, my family and I moved to Frankfurt from outside of Denver, Colorado, US in late 2018 to pursue a life in Germany. As a kid who grew up with one foot in Europe and the other in North America, it was always a vision to return as an adult and build a living here. Working in the non-profit sector among other expatriates, it became clear that in order to thrive – with a new born daughter, in a new country and with increased responsibility at work – professional networking was crucial. With career goals in the C-Suite, I began a search for prominent business schools throughout Europe with excellent accreditations and found the Frankfurt School right in my backyard.

Immediately, I was impressed by the Part-time MBA’s curriculum and visited a lecture on Organizational Design taught by a professor from another university in Denmark. This was shaping up to be a promising programme, with lots of opportunity to network with like-minded, career-oriented individuals. Moreover, I liked the idea of learning both from industry professionals and excellent professors from universities around Europe. Only after finishing an application and beginning study did I realize the high calibre of students also joining the programme with similar goals in mind – the real gold of Frankfurt School.

Learning from my peers: The importance of teamwork

Getting to know my fellow classmates began with an intensive leadership weekend to experience core teambuilding through different tasks and challenges. The group was incredibly diverse, coming from many different professions, countries, life-experiences, backgrounds, fields and industries; it easily became clear we had our work cut out for us. The goal was for us to grow into a professional network in order to support each other throughout the next 2 years and it quickly resulted in the formation of a trusted community.

As coursework started, it was not uncommon for class modules to begin with hearty handshakes, embraces and hearing “I really missed you guys!” Even so, the real value of the camaraderie is getting to learn beside and from people from so many different fields and industries. Imagine reading a case study about management practices; a VP in the banking industry, an engineering PhD, and a marketing director are all going to have different perspectives and experiences on the case that each of the others can learn from. From my experience here, each is also eager to learn from the others and to share what they can offer.

More than a network

However, not only are we all professionally ambitious, but personally passionate and gifted in other areas. Cross-sectioning our class will reveal mountaineers, sailing enthusiasts, outstanding cooks, wine connoisseurs, dog-lovers, world travellers, fashion pros, new parents and even a German National Rowing Team world champion, just to name a few.

Having worked professionally since 2012, I can confidently say that across many industries, the level of concentrated quality of character and competence I have found at the Frankfurt School is rare. In the Frankfurt School Part-Time MBA programme of 2021, we are a team. Lessons are shared, burdens are carried and fun is had aplenty.

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