My first impression: The MBA Leadership Camp at Frankfurt School
FS Life / 23. November 2018
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Part-time MBA Class of 2020
Aslam Khadaroo is originally from the island of Mauritius and has been living in Germany for the past eight years. He joined the Lufthansa Group in 2014 and has valuable experience in consulting, start-ups, business development and project management. Aslam is a student in the Part-time MBA class of 2020.


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It was the start of the MBA programmes at Frankfurt School and right from the very first day, I was impressed. Our onboarding was done with great care, important information was passed on early and many insightful introductory speeches were scheduled before we got started: Current students gave us great advice on how to make the best of our MBA studies, alumni shared their experiences with us, professors guided us through our programme curriculum and the keynote speakers brought along some inspiring and uplifting words of wisdom for us to make sure we get off to a very good start. All of that was followed by a networking session and a champagne reception to finish the day on a high note.

What followed the next day was even more interesting. The university organized a leadership camp at the Lufthansa Conference Centre in Seeheim.  Our study advisors included a variety of carefully planned team building activities, which allowed us to take away valuable lessons and get to know each other better. We were challenged and tested throughout those activities and and connected very well as a group: It was a great experience and everyone had a really good time.



What struck me the most over these two days, was the diversity of the MBA group – all of us ready to take up this exciting challenge at Frankfurt School together. With fellow students from over 15 different countries, the resulting class profile impressed me due to its  variety of both personal and professional backgrounds. Through this event, we had the fantastic opportunity to connect early and learn more about the different cultures, values and personalities that this group of MBA students brings to the table.


The leadership camp was both a great success and a meningful experience for the whole group. We certainly had a lot of fun during these two days and it was a memorable start to the programme. We left the camp with high team spirit, well connected and ready for the challenges lying ahead. Our new WhatsApp group is buzzing and everyone is getting ready for the start: Let the show begin!

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