FS' Participation in the Alliance of European Business Games’ Annual Summit
Student Initiatives / 16 February 2024
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Master in Management Class of 2024
Pakhi is currently enrolled in the Master in Management programme focusing on Data and Business Analytics at FS. She is the Co-Head of FS Business Game and is also engaged with FS Women in Business.

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The FS Business Game, organised by a dedicated group of students at Frankfurt School, attracts over 100 talented students from renowned universities across Europe. They engage in a challenging and enjoyable two-day case competition in Frankfurt, utilising complex business cases crafted in collaboration with industry-leading firms. These cases propel participants to think entrepreneurially and devise innovative solutions to real-world problems, aiming to develop their skills and prepare them for future roles as business leaders.

The annual gathering of top business schools

The FS Business Game Team proudly represents Frankfurt School at the annual Alliance of European Business Game (AEBG) Summit in Brussels every October. This eagerly anticipated summit serves as a unique platform for the convergence of top-tier business schools within the AEBG network, including Solvay Brussels School, HEC Paris and TUM Munich. The summit kicked off with the FS Business Game team reaching Brussels on the evening of 13 October to indulge in the beloved Belgian waffles. As the arrival of all member schools commenced, we bonded over pizzas and beer, with familiar and new faces joining the gathering.

Workshops with industry professionals

The summit officially commenced on Saturday with workshops led by industry professionals and seasoned business game organisers. These sessions offered invaluable insights and experiences, enhancing our understanding and skills. This year, we delved into the benefits of incorporating AI and NLP tools, exploring effective strategies for their optimal utilisation in organising a business game and any other initiative activities we may undertake. Discussions covered common practices associated with organising a business game, plans, contingencies and the future scope of Business Games in Europe.

Sharing best practices and knowledge exchange

Participants from every member school formed groups and engaged in discussions, exchanging ideas and suggestions and addressing challenges in both formal and informal settings. These discussions were highly valuable, allowing us to learn from others’ experiences. Our overarching goal remained continuous improvement in organising business games and a deeper understanding of their broader impact and significance.

Following the workshops, a packed schedule of department meetings ensued, where we reflected on past strategies and discussed our plans and goals for the future. This collaboration was enriching, with teams cooperating across various departments like marketing, logistics and partnerships. We all discussed our strategies and opportunities in our respective fields and departments and the challenges we face. The final meeting ensured that we arrived at key decisions and goals for the upcoming editions of our respective Business Games and our roles and responsibilities as network members. The day concluded with all of us sitting down for a nice dinner and further reflecting on the day, infusing the team with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Sunday came too soon, but we all had the opportunity of one final bonding exercise as we visited the EU Parliament. It was rightly fitting as we all represented different EU countries and had poetically assembled in the capital, so to speak. Then came the teary goodbyes, but we all left with much more knowledge, learning and new friends.

Broadening perspectives for Frankfurt School

Despite structural similarities among European business schools, distinct differences exist. The summit uniquely facilitated interaction with students from renowned institutions, fostering new friendships and networking opportunities that might not have arisen otherwise. The entire weekend proved transformative, providing valuable insights that will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and improvement of the FS Business Game initiative and Frankfurt School.

The first edition of the Frankfurt School Business Game was organised on 11 May 2018. The upcoming edition is scheduled for 26 and 27 April at Frankfurt School Campus. For regular updates and participant deadlines, please follow our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.