FS presents in MBA World Summit in Sydney
MBA / 5. Juni 2019
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Full-time MBA Class of 2019
Shasha Yuan is a Full-time MBA class of 2019 candidate with a background in advertising, automobile and consulting (FMCG).


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The MBA World Summit is an annual event, it builds bridges between MBA programs all over the world and fosters a Global Leadership Community from the attending students. The MBA Summit prides itself as the pinnacle gathering for the global MBA students since 2014, through a journey from Hong Kong, Barcelona, Miami, Berlin, Cape Town; 2019 in Sydney and 2020 in Frankfurt.

This year in March 2019, three of us, Katarina, Vaishali and Shasha, together with Annette Wright from programme management, went down under to Sydney to participate in the event. Here’s our experience of the trip:

Exploring Sydney and expanding our network

Stepping off the plane in sunny Sydney, I didn’t know what to expect. The week promised to be filled with cultural excursions, new international friends, and fascinating student-led lectures/discussions.  My classmates Shasha, Vaishali and I quickly set out meeting new people and exploring all that Sydney had to offer. We went with new friends to Bondi Beach, a tour of the Blue Mountains, Manly Beach, took a tour of downtown Sydney, and explored the nightlife. Since we arrived a few days before the conference, by the time the actual event started we already had a group of new friends from business schools all over the world.

The conference days flew by – we met local Sydney business leaders, entrepreneurs from the local region, took part in a traditional Aboriginal “Welcome to Country” performance, and took a boat cruise of Sydney Harbour to close out a perfect three days of events. One of the highlights of the conference schedule was the student-led sessions. They were a platform for honest conversations between business schools from a myriad of cultures and past experiences to truly tackle challenges and foster open discussion about a number of topics confronting future business leaders today.

Katarina Gelke

Exchanging ideas with business leaders

The summit, hosted at the UNSW Business School, saw many aspiring and established business leaders come together for an exchange of ideas. One of the most impactful sessions for me was ‘Design thinking for Social Innovation’ led by IE Business School. The speaker highlighted some pertinent business aspects of using digital thinking to solve complex problems in the world, like affordable healthcare throughout the world.

As representatives of Frankfurt School, Shasha, Katarina and I held a session. We presented our views on exploring cross cultural management in a globalized world, a topic we believed was very

relevant since the summit was an amalgamation of members of the management fraternity from all over the world. The presentation was well received by the summit members and we had an insightful discussion during and post the session cumulating inputs from different sources on the topic.

Vaishali Bendre

Learn in real and inspire sincerely

Beside the excitement of hosting our own cross-cultural session and communicating with the audience from all over the world, the session I personally liked most was ‘Top managers‘ perspective’, presented by 2 students from the University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management. They presented the key messages they learnt from the hundreds of executive presentations during their MBA program. Whilst all the top managers bring different successful stories, they also share some common perspectives, for example:

  • Take risks now (If you have ideas, try it out as early as possible.)
  • Maintain good relationships (Stable and peaceful close relationship essentially matters.)

The initiative for the presenters to study this topic is to share and benefit from the good learnings from the top successful people. “Learn in real and inspire sincerely”, is the spirit I got from them. While meeting those excellent young talents, I felt so glad and honoured to be part of this summit.

Shasha Yuan

After 3 days of cultural excursions, leaders’ presentations, students’ sessions, networking and partying, the summit came to an end. The entire experience was very inspiring, and it was an absolute honour to be selected to represent Frankfurt School at this prestigious event. We’re looking forward to having our school, Frankfurt School, hosting the MBA Summit in Frankfurt next spring (18-20 March 2020) and welcoming the conference participants in the same way we were welcomed in Sydney! Applications open on June 8th and you can find more information here.



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