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3 good reasons why you should apply to a business challenge at least once
20. April 2020
Jermaine Francisco Gutierrez
Master of Finance Students Win Prestigious Research Fellowship
29. Januar 2021
Aika Bolat
Entrepreneurship meets the Swiss Alps: winning the ETH InCube challenge 2020
21. Oktober 2020
Lucia Ariel Hotti
What is a Business Game?
20. Dezember 2019
Won Joon Choi
The Frankfurt School Business Game goes Brussels
25. Februar 2020
Frederick Erichsen
My Hackathon experience as a MADS student
11. Oktober 2019
Dipanshu Gupta
Grabbing Opportunities at the UCL Business Game
18. Dezember 2019
Sofie Sharaf
Bankfachklasse-Award 2019: Ein einmalig schönes Ereignis mit spitzen Ergebnis
11. September 2019
Stefan Adler
HEC Business Game 2019 – The MoF Perspective
7. Juni 2019
Anne Postulka
Nowcasting Inflation: Machine Learning to resolve the classification challenge?
19. September 2019
Lukas Henkel