Grüße aus New York City – #FSMUN2015
FS Life / 23. März 2015
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Bachelor of Betriebswirtschaftslehre '17


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While writing this post we are sitting in the World Financial Center. We just had a delicious lunch. The atmosphere was overwhelming as we were overlooking the Hudson River and in the distance we could see the Statue of Liberty surrounded by diamond looking snowflakes dancing through the March breeze. The lunch and the coffee, which is now warming us from inside were the reward for the intense morning meeting characterized by a tight schedule of our workshop at Deutsche Bank.

We want to express our utmost gratitude to our hosts on 6oth Wall Street. We are reflecting about our achievements of the past two days. During the workshop we completed our last preparations for the conference and now we are ready to outperform with passion all those delegations, which contradict to India’s targets. The delegates internalized their opening speeches and developed strategies for success.

The unique spirit of Frankfurt School is spreading through our Model UN delegation and those who were mere fellow students before now are about to become close friends as the experiences we share strengthen our bonds. We are looking forward to meeting the fellow delegates from all around the world on Sunday and are very confident that Frankfurt School will be represented in the best possible way! #FSkaliert #FSaufReisen #bullsarecoming