Moving from Moscow to Frankfurt for my MBA
Full-time MBA / 5. April 2019
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Full-time MBA Class of 2019
Valeriy is a Full-time MBA candidate with a background in assurance, consumer electronics and luxury goods.


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In 2011, when I was a student, I read an article about a girl from Russia in a famous business magazine. She told the story of how she dropped her succeeding career to embrace new heights. She told the story about her MBA. I had never heard about any business-education before her reading article. Well, that is how I decided to reach the goal – my MBA Education. However, at that moment I had not had enough appropriate experience to pass even any theoretical admission test. So, in 2017 I made a decision to start real attempts to complete my dream successfully. I went  through a plethora of efforts to determine the school with a relevant program. The certain key point I was looking for is the 1-year curriculum. Many thanks to a good friend of mine who was successfully approaching his MBA education at Frankfurt School, all my preferable indicators were associated completely with FS.

Moving from Russia to Germany

I used to live in Moscow. I have been to Germany plenty of times and theoretically, I could understand where I was going to live for at least one year. However, it is a quite big mistake to suppose that being a tourist and a permanent resident it is precisely the same. I would say all the people are different. This is why everyone might meet different challenged and benefits while changing countries, depending on  personal and professional targets. I would not like to hide that I was missing my home and my family, but I am extremely committed to my goal. No complaints. Overall, Germany still uncovers an occasion to impress me every consecutive day.

My Frankfurt School experience

A suitable attitude and mindset are important for making the most of your time in a business school. You have to be comfortable sharing suggestions, background, achievements, failures, and lessons learned. Also, you have to be aware of what is really uncommon about you and invest it in the MBA classroom. The Frankfurt School Full-time MBA is an academic program with a practical focus, but there is a lot of theory to master, analyze and apply. You will have to read long and be active in discussions. My multicultural surrounding is also important, that is why I chose to study an MBA degree in another country and cultural environment. Foreign community is one essential element of my key final accomplishment that makes me only stronger and more efficient as a professional. This is because the business world is globalized and because MBA classrooms are usually highly international.  To sum up, the lesson I am still learning, time and time again, over the course of my MBA is not to accept everything at face value. Slow down. Ask questions. Listen. Consider. Think. You may think this is obvious, and maybe it is, but that does not mean it is easy. This is both a challenge and a benefit that you will definitely face in the Frankfurt School Full-time MBA.

Advice for future students

The Full-time MBA experience is a bridge between your past and your future. So make the most of this achievement and enjoy every learning experience. MBA alumni are always happy to revisit their business school or meet current students or graduates. This is a good sign, indeed. Especially regarding the perspective of your international career. The majority of FS alumni have outstanding success within plenty of banks, global holdings and transnational companies.

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