My Exchange Experience
Studium / 30. November 2018
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Exchange Student BSc 2018
Shir Hahamof is an exchange student from Israel in the bachelor in Business Administration programme at Frankfurt School.


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In March 2018, I received my acceptance letter to do my semester abroad for my Bachelor. I was looking forward to the opportunity of experiencing a new culture and living in a new place. ‘Three more months to go until I go to Frankfurt’. ‘Two more months’ – time flew by. ‘One more month to go’ – how should I prepare for this?’ many questions like this came up. “Only a few days left!”, it was time to start packing. I felt very lucky to have this opportunity to study my semester abroad at Frankfurt School and to be the one representing my home university in Israel, IDC Herzliya. “I am ready for this challenge!” I told my parents when it was time to leave. This is where my journey began.


I have already been here for over 3 months and everyday is an adventure. Anything new is exciting, for the good and for the bad. It is quite a transition. As a person who comes from Israel – a small and lively country – leaving my family and friends, the warm weather and the beautiful beaches, living on my own, adapting to a new culture and integrating, is challenging and brings out parts of yourself that you did not even know existed before.

From the beginning of the semester, I already experienced a lot and yet I keep exploring the city. I have met so many amazing people from different parts of the world and made many new friends; Germans, Indians, French, Italians and Americans, including some from the middle east (trying to bring that peace treaty to Netanyahu)! There are so many different cultures and languages here. This you can even tell by just walking down the street. I’ve even learned some words in various different languages! Frankfurt is a small yet big city (I mean look at that skyline), they call it Mainhattan. It is full of opportunities in which you can develop yourself and experience the German culture in an international environment.

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Education and Career 

Studying at Frankfurt school is a great experience. You can be sure to not only to meet interesting people, who are already experienced in the financial sector, but also experience student life at its best. Although it is very competitive, determination and ambition is the key. The excellent professors and Frankfurt School’s practical approach  will make you want to  develop your skills and think ahead. What I really appreciate about the school is the career focused environment. Most of the local students have already interned in big companies and know about the field while they are multitasking school and work. The school also offers many networking events and interesting workshops on and off campus, which are worth attending.

The End

To sum up, Frankfurt is a beautiful city and attending Frankfurt School of Finance and Management is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons and evolve. Finally, if you are in the position of considering coming to Frankfurt and studying at Frankfurt school, keep an open mind and be ready to meet many people from different cultures, to experience, to acquire new tastes, all while living in Germany. The show is over now. We are heading towards the end of my time here. “I was here”. I learned a lot, met many people and am ready to go back. However, I’m already thinking of the next steps!

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