My FS Online Summer Camp experience
Bachelor / 7. August 2020
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IBDP Year 2 Student
Aryan Shah is currently pursuing the IBDP Program and attended the FS Online Session 2020. He plans to study the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with focus in Finance at FS in 2021.


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After vising Frankfurt School’s Campus in the summer of 2019, I was totally amazed. The campus was definitely one of a kind, but I wanted to gain a deeper insight into Frankfurt School. After attending a series of online lectures and the Online Bachelor Day in April, I got to know about the FS Summer Camp and immediately enrolled myself. This year it was held online due to the pandemic.

What did we do over the course of 4 days?

42 Participants coming from 9 Nationalities, pretty international, isn’t it? We kicked off the online session with some ice breaker games and a live virtual campus tour where we managed to get an amazing view of the Frankfurt Skyline. Furthermore, we were briefed on the different Student Initiatives at Frankfurt School, which ranged from sports and competitions to personal and professional development. We then learned about the different bachelor courses and scholarships offered by Frankfurt School and got useful insights in the application process.

Trial Lectures

We then dived deeper into economics and had a trial lecture conducted by Prof.Dr. Benjamin Born on the topic of “Macroeconomics of Pandemics”. Engaging in such a thrilling discussion and exchanging ideas with the Professor helped me get a feel of the teaching style at FS. There was another exciting trial lecture planned on “Climate Change- Why stop driving if it doesn’t make a difference” by Prof.Dr.Christine Tiefensee. This lecture left us contemplating our daily lifestyle habits, and questioning what is the true way to go about our lives. I was totally enthralled by their teaching styles and shall be looking forward to such interactive and fruitful classes at FS.

Was it all Study and no fun?

Not at all… Well, the most challenging yet the most enrapturing activities of the summer session were the group assignments. It was at this time that the like-minded students were split into groups and held presentations. One of presentations we held was on the Social Media Strategies used by large MNC’s before and during the lockdown. We all brought in our own range of expertise and perspectives in the group and presented it in front of all the participants. It is during these group tasks that I was able to develop my leadership and management skills.

There was also a session held by FS Ventures, where we had to come up with ideas of a start-up project to solve a current social problem. We were divided into groups and had to collaboratively work to present our idea in a creative manner. I got to know much more about my potential classmates and enjoyed working with them. Working in a group lead to better decision making and problem solving and we were able to learn so much from each other.

The most memorable activity was the case study challenge presented by the FS Student Consulting. We used qualitative and quantitative tools and data to come up with a solution to the best video conferencing app which FS should use. I liked the fact that I was able to work effectively in a group under the time pressure and have definitely improved my presentation skills in this process.

What lies ahead?

The Online Summer Camp gave me the opportunity to interact with the FS Faculty, current students, staff and it is through these conversations that I have gained new experiences and knowledge. This experience has solidified FS as my next study destination and has convinced me to take up the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with specialisation in Finance at Frankfurt School.

To those who are not sure whether or not they should attend the FS Summer Camp, I can just say “Go for it!!”. The new experience that you shall gain and the new people that you shall meet will never make you regret your choice 🙂

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