My journey in capital markets, risk auditing and class leadership
Master of Finance / 18 December 2023
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Master of Finance Class of 2025
Luc Fleischmann is a Master of Finance student at Frankfurt School. Before starting at Frankfurt School, he graduated from the University of Mannheim. Now, he is working at PwC, specialising in risk management auditing for banks.

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My name is Luc Fleischmann, and I am part of the Master of Finance (MoF) Intake of 2023, specialising in Capital Markets. I am also a working student in risk management auditing at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and a Class Representative for the MoF Class of 2025. In this blog, I share my journey and the synergies between these diverse but interconnected aspects of my life.

Choosing the Master of Finance programme

My decision to pursue the MoF programme, particularly with a concentration in Capital Markets, was driven by my aspiration to deepen my understanding of the financial world. This specialisation, encompassing risk management and the intricate dynamics of asset pricing and derivatives, is not only academically stimulating but also directly relevant to my professional role. The knowledge gained here is crucial for my career in finance, especially in understanding complex market instruments and their role in hedging risks.

Auditing risk management at PwC

In my role at PwC, I specialise in Risk Management Auditing for banks. This involves a detailed analysis of financial and non-financial risks, assessing how banks manage these risks, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Each day is a deep dive into the mechanics of risk evaluation and stress testing – a core aspect of bank operations. This role requires an acute understanding of financial markets and instruments, making my focus on Capital Markets in the MoF programme particularly pertinent. The theoretical insights from my studies enhance my ability to analyse and understand the complex financial products and risk management strategies employed by banks.

The role of a class representative

Serving as a class representative adds a unique layer to my professional and academic experiences. It’s a role that requires leadership, empathy and effective communication. It allows me to connect the challenges of my fellow classmates with the ideas of the Study Advisors and Programme Managers, enriching the learning experience for myself and my peers. It also helps me develop skills in negotiation and advocacy, which are invaluable in my professional life.

Balancing work, study and leadership

The challenge of balancing a demanding job at PwC, rigorous studies in the MoF programme and responsibilities as a class representative has taught me invaluable lessons in time management, prioritisation and resilience. Here’s how I navigate these commitments:

  1. Integrating work and study: The direct connection between my role in Risk Management Auditing and my studies in Capital Markets creates a synergistic learning environment. Each aspect reinforces and deepens my understanding of the other.
  2. Effective time management: Maintaining a disciplined schedule is crucial. I allocate specific times for work, study and class representative duties, ensuring that each gets the attention it deserves.
  3. Adaptability: Being flexible to accommodate unexpected demands from work or academic pressures is vital. This adaptability has been key to managing my diverse responsibilities effectively.
  4. Leveraging support networks: The support from colleagues, professors and peers is invaluable. Their insights and encouragement play a significant role in my journey.
  5. Emphasising self-care: Amidst these roles, I prioritise personal well-being. Regular physical and mental self-care practices, like playing tennis at FS Tennis, running – even in winter, and meeting friends, are essential to maintain balance and focus.


In conclusion, the integration of my work at PwC, studies in the MoF programme and my role as a class representative, underpinned by the supportive structure of Frankfurt School’s three-day model, has been a transformative experience. It’s a journey that’s shaping me into a multifaceted finance professional equipped with a broad spectrum of skills ranging from in-depth financial analysis to effective leadership. My experience stands as a testament to the power of combining practical professional experience with rigorous academic study and leadership roles. I hope it serves as an inspiration for those embarking on a similar path.