A record year for the Frankfurt School Bachelor of Science
Bachelor / 22. September 2015
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Direktor Unternehmensentwicklung
Dr. Matthias Catón is Frankfurt School's Director of Corporate Development. From 2011 to 2019 he was the Programme Director for the School’s Bachelor (BSc) in Business Administration. A political scientist by training, he has held international positions in various organizations, including academia, an intergovernmental organization, and the World Economic Forum. He is the founder and Charter President (2017-18) of Professional Speakers Frankfurt, an Advanced Toastmasters Club for Frankfurt, the Rhine-Main metropolitan region and beyond.


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The record

bsc 2015_3265 students started their studies in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Frankfurt School this fall. That’s a record intake for the  School and a whopping 18% increase compared to last year. The number of international guest students also rose to a new record and together this means that we have more undergraduate students on campus than ever before. One more reason we urgently need our new, bigger campus (coming in 2017)!
I’m happy that two other figures also increased. The number of international degree-seeking students (that is, those who are properly enrolled, not the guest students) rose to 15.5% of the cohort. The percentage of female students reached 24.5%. That’s not where I want it to be, but it’s more than in the past years, where the average percentage was around 22.8%.

So, what’s next? bsc 2015_2

We expect to grow the intakes at a healthy rate, although probably not by 18% every year. I will continue to focus on increasing the number of international students and women. And finally, I expect the admissions rate to decrease slowly, as we become even more selective.

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