Studium - Doctoral Programme

Doctoral Programme

Herausforderung COVID-19: Wie kann das Risikomanagement darauf reagieren?
18. März 2020
Prof. Dr. Christian Schmaltz
Epidemie-Szenario ins Risikomanagement aufnehmen?
24. März 2020
Prof. Dr. Christian Schmaltz
On the job market
27. August 2018
Wenjiao Cao
My journey on finding a Finance Assistant Professor position
5. März 2020
Lorenzo Schönleber
When Do Victims of Non-Financial Fraud Lose More?
8. Januar 2016
Yuriy Timofeev
Incentive-based Compensation and Financial Misreporting: Evidence from a Refined Sample
4. Januar 2016
Wenjiao Cao
My PhD Visit at the NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Science
21. Juni 2018
Lorenzo Schönleber
A doctoral student visits Chicago
22. September 2015
Elisabeth Kläs
My experience in the FS Doctoral Programme
22. November 2017
Felix Fritsch