The Joy of the Solvay Business Game
Masters / 21. März 2019
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Master of Finance Class of 2020
Prasanna is a Master of Finance student at Frankfurt School, Class of 2020. He did his Bachelors from India and is also a qualified Chartered Accountant.


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In March 2019, we (Arunabh Kumar and Prasanna Venkatesh), had the opportunity and the pleasure of traveling to Brussels to take part in the Solvay Business Game, organized by the students of the Solvay Business School. For us, it was a new and enriching experience, and one we were honored to be a part of.

Our Experiences

  1. The challenges – All the challenges forced us to think quick on our feet within the allotted time. Tasks like the pitch challenge and the marketing challenge required us to be at our creative best, whereas, we had to be at our analytical best for the strategy and negotiation challenges.
  2. Networking – We were thankful for the opportunity to rub shoulders with the CEOs and executives of the leaders of the industry such as Coca Cola and McKinsey. It was interesting to listen to their thoughts and ideas as it helped us understand how CEOs and business managers think.
  3. Intercultural exchanges and experiences – We had the pleasure of meeting students from across other European universities and were able to exchange knowledge and experiences with them. The varying dynamics in teamwork during the multiple challenge was a refreshing experience for us.

Our takeaways

  1. Over two intense days we were stretched to our limits and took away a wealth of learnin
    g and experiences that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.
  2. Friendships – We found new friends in our teammates and these friendships will be treasured for long.
  3. Contacts and networking – Talking and rubbing shoulders with the big wigs of corporate world gave us the contacts to reach out to in the future. The advice and knowledge we gained through discussions with them will help us in navigating the corporate world in the future.
  4. Desire – Overall, our experiences and takeaways has inculcated in us a desire to experience more events such as these were we can proudly represent FS and at the same time absorb new knowledge and learnings that will help us in the future.

Perhaps, our biggest takeaway was the proud feeling of representing Frankfurt School at such a stage, which was enhanced more when people came to know we were from FS and they spoke highly about the FS and the quality of students coming out of FS. We shall be honored to represent FS anytime, anywhere!


Co-author: Arunabh Kumar, MoF Class of 2020