A Week at the Cape of Hopes!
MBA / 21. Januar 2015
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MBA class of 2015
Abhinaya was part of the MBA class of 2015


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The December Schedule of Entrepreneurship Module in the Graduate school of business, Cape Town, excited us. What was on offer was an interesting and significant component of our course to be undergone in a leading global university, located in one of the most picturesque places in the world. This session promised to provide quality education and boisterous fun.

Before landing, the pilot flew low around Cape Town, providing us a bird’s view of the surroundings. It was certainly a breathtaking experience viewing the majestic Table Mountain and the adjoining landscapes. The moment we were in Cape Town our educational picnic commenced. The university was located in one of the prime areas of Cape Town called Waterfront. The accommodations provided for our stay were not only comfortable but were also located in a very scenic locale. The module was kick-started with a welcome dinner during which the program director emphasized the need to have an “Open Heart, Open Mind and Open Will”.


The first session was handled by Professor John, who explained how South Africa was a Gateway to Africa. His insights on the South African economy in comparison to other emerging economies and major problems faced in SA were quite fascinating. It was followed by yet another interesting session on social entrepreneurship, giving us an idea on the pros and cons of social startups in Cape Town. The second day was equally interesting with Professor Mike taking us through the current economic situation of South Africa and the entrepreneurial prospects in the city.

University Of Capetown Campus
But the most enlightening and educative leg of our module was the field trip to the townships. What we witnessed in the township left us overwhelmed with awe. Here was a group of very talented and gifted people who were denied the opportunity to flourish in the past. Their determination and high aspiration to compete and succeed against all odds was inspiring. We learnt and understood how the need to survive can also lead to great entrepreneurs.

Cape Town is also renowned for food and entertainment and we decided to avail ourselves to the brim while we were there. The road side bands and dancing, visiting the penguins habitat, Shark diving, speed boating were unique experiences which created lifetime memories .The food was scrumptious and exotic.

The trip also provided an opportunity for our class members to move closer to each other and evolve into a close knit family. As the module came to an end, each one of us was more enlightened and better informed on the nitty -gritty of entrepreneurial aspects. As advised in the commencement of the module, we would certainly approach issues in future with “Open Heart, Open Mind and Open Will”.

Picturesque Table Mountain

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