Why a Master's in Financial Management at Frankfurt School?
Master in Financial Management / 23 November 2023
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Recruitment Officer
Lianna Mirzoyan is responsible for recruitment and marketing for our Master Programmes.

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Insights into my journey with the Master in Financial Management programme

Are you considering a career in finance or seeking to enhance your financial knowledge and skills? Look no further than the Master in Financial Management (MFM) offered by Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (FS). What sets this programme apart, and why should you consider it for your educational journey? Let’s find out more about the advantages of the programme.

No finance background needed

The Master in Financial Management programme at Frankfurt School is designed to allow students from non-finance backgrounds to enter and start a career in the world of finance. Through this programme, participants will acquire fundamental business proficiency, cultivate quantitative skills and emerge as influential leaders within the financial industry.

Career opportunities

The programme prepares students for a wide range of careers in finance. Graduates are well-equipped to pursue various challenging and rewarding roles in the finance industry.

International environment

The programme attracts a diverse group of students from around the world, providing students with the opportunity to develop a global perspective on finance and to build a network of contacts in the field. Furthermore, it is designed to provide students with hands-on experience through internships, case studies and projects, preparing them for the practical challenges of working in the finance industry. This practical experience is highly valued by employers and can give students an edge in the job market.

Expert faculty

The programme’s faculty includes experienced professors and practitioners in finance, ensuring that students receive high-quality instruction and guidance. The significance of learning from industry experts cannot be overstated. Beyond the theoretical aspects, the faculty at FS share their real-world experiences and insights into the latest trends and challenges in the finance sector. These instructors aren’t just educators but also mentors who can guide you through your career, connect you with industry professionals and provide invaluable advice for your finance career path.


Frankfurt School is a highly respected institution in the field of finance, providing students with valuable credentials that can enhance their career prospects. It is one of the few institutions worldwide that has been awarded the “Triple Crown”.

Career support

The journey doesn’t conclude with education. Frankfurt School offers students a range of career services, including job search assistance, CV and cover letter reviews and interview preparation, helping students find and secure job opportunities. Entering the finance industry can be a challenging endeavour. FS’s career services are expertly designed to provide the support and resources needed to succeed in your job search.

3-Day Model

One of the programme’s unique features is its distinctive time structure that allows you to work part-time while pursuing a full-time degree. We call this the 3-Day Model. Starting from the second semester, students attend classes only 3 days per week (on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday), leaving 3 weekdays for self-study, language classes or part-time employment.

English-language instruction

The MFM programme is taught entirely in English, allowing students to improve their language skills and develop a level of proficiency that can be useful in an increasingly globalised business world. Additionally, FS also provides German classes for all non-German speaking students throughout the duration of the programme.

Alumni network

You become an integral part of FS’s global alumni network upon graduation. This network provides ongoing opportunities for networking and career support, connecting you with a community of successful professionals in the finance industry. Your journey in the finance sector doesn’t culminate with graduation; it’s only the beginning. FS’s alumni network is a powerful resource for your ongoing career development. As part of this community, you’ll have access to a network of accomplished finance professionals eager to provide support, guidance and valuable connections in your finance career.

The Financial Management Master’s programme provides various advantages to students aspiring to build a career in finance or improve their current expertise in this area. From practical experience and expert instruction to international exposure and career support, this programme provides students the tools they need to succeed in the finance industry. So, if you’re looking for a programme to help you achieve your career goals, consider the Master’s programme in Financial Management at Frankfurt School.