Why I Applied Early for the Executive MBA
MBA / 5 December, 2019
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Executive MBA Class of 2021
Mike is currently studying in the Executive MBA programme at Frankfurt School. He is a Venture Performance Assurance Manager within Vodafone and responsible to manage an enterprise global complex Partner contract. He has responsibilities like identification and assessment of improvements including Sales, Delivery, Governance and Leadership, ensuring successful delivery of venture targets based on people, technology, and tools.

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Do you ever feel that there must be more, more to learn, more to explore?

I climbed up the latter, working in small, medium and multi-national corporations, without having graduated before, but taking responsibility every day of what surrounds me. Having engaged with a lot of people from different areas in my previous and current company, I recognized my enthusiasm to understand their world was unfulfilled. So, I decided it’s time to find the right upskilling, just for myself, my way of enlarging my knowledge in the right environment.

What now? The eager to learn is there, but who can accommodate my passion to explore all the areas which are unknown to me?

Why Frankfurt School?

The first contact with one of the Recruitment Managers in early 2018 was a warm welcome. They gave useful insights, had answers to all my question and gave me confidence in pursuing an Executive MBA. The people working at this institution do it with ambition and respect, although you are unknown to them. The moment I knew an Executive MBA at Frankfurt School was the right fit was during a class-visit in July 2018. The energy within the class, the students approaching me and starting conversations, the professor teaching something which I had no clue about but I learned so much in just 3 hours. Spending numerous times on the program page for the Executive MBA researching the details, I finally did the only plausible action and applied in October 2018 for the class in October 2019.

Benefits of Applying Early

Besides the gain of being part of a great journey with 49 classmates from around the globe, great lecturers and exciting executive talks, I had the opportunity to make use of the ‘early bird’ discount. The early bird is not only around saving money, it’s also about taking advantage of the free leadership coachings and access to the free pre-courses in accounting, finance, and quantitative decision-making.  Attending these useful courses up front was great, especially for me, being a person never been confronted with accounting or financial calculations. Half of today’s classmates, some of them coming from the financial area, used it as a refresh and we had the opportunity coming together before the official start. Furthermore, it gave me the first impression of how classes are scheduled and a bit of a feeling of the surroundings. Making use of all the elements of the early bird discount is quite easy, Frankfurt School does it for you. They reached out to me, offering sessions with the coaches and helped me in getting on-boarded for the pre-courses.


The ‘now’ is filled with great classmates, an incredible opening ceremony and an exhausting amount of options to discover and see the world with different eyes. I’m looking forward to exhausting courses, being challenged by the professors and my classmates and to learn as much as never before.