Doing the CFA exam level 1 and 2 whilst studying the MoF
Master of Finance / 5. Oktober 2017
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Master of Finance '17
Sara Villamil is a Master of Finance student, class of 2017


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I developed an interest in the CFA program when I was doing my Bachelor in economics in Uruguay, as I knew I wanted to pursue a career in finance. Despite the fact that I was studying in one of the most prestigious universities in Uruguay, the size of the country and the limited opportunities in finance played against me. Therefore, I was motivated to gain more in-depth knowledge about finance, to be part of an international program and to build a network with other people pursuing the same career goals as me. This led me to start the CFA journey.

Being a Master of Finance student, moving to a completely different country, preparing for the CFA exams and being a working student at a bank was not an easy task. I had to be disciplined through self-study, set my own deadlines and goals and simultaneously find a balance between my social life and my career. Having the freedom to decide when and how to study was the biggest challenge for me. I think the key to my accomplishments was planning, dedication, passion, commitment and organization.

I would recommend you start preparing for the CFA exams as early as possible, and get in contact with other people doing the same. Not only does this give you the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas, but you can also motivate one another throughout. Luckily, Frankfurt School and Frankfurt in general are the perfect places to do so. Professors are always happy to answer any questions you may have, so take advantage of this and use your sources wisely.

I am glad to have taken on this challenge, as I have learned a lot. Not only has it helped me to have solid bases and guidelines on ethics, compliance and finance, but also, to discover some whole new areas in finance that I never considered before. At some point down the road, I will need to choose an area to specialize in, but doing this was definitely was the entry door to where I want to direct my career.


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