How FS welcomed the new Master in Management intake
Master in Management / 1. November 2022
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Master in Management Class of 2024
Sarah König works as a Consultant at Campana&Schott while pursuing a full-time Master in Management degree at Frankfurt School.


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This year I started the Master in Management programme at Frankfurt School. The programme started at the end of August with Welcome Week. During this week, we received an introduction and got to know each other.

Opening Week – a productive start

Everything began on Monday with the registration. At 2 pm, the whole intake gathered in the Audimax for the Welcome at FS event. Afterwards, there was another introduction for international students and a chance to go on a campus tour in small groups. Even though I have been to the campus before, I joined one of the groups and got to know some of my future study colleagues and students from other programmes.

The master’s programme was opened in the evening with a beautiful ceremony. The moderator shared her feelings about when she first entered the halls of FS, and I could relate: We are going to make some great memories here! Two alumni motivated us with their own success stories. In the end, the president of FS, Nils Stieglitz, also welcomed us all on the campus. After so many speeches, we became part of an interactive drum show. The energy and the vibe were indescribably beautiful and special. With all these good vibes, the evening went straight to the BBQ with drinks, where we could use the rest of the evening to network even more.

Tuesday started with some programme-specific information. Followed by an FS tradition called „letter to myself“, and it’s that simple: We had to write a letter to ourselves and seal it, FS stores it and we will receive it back on the day of our graduation. No one will read this letter except me, but so much I can share: my letter starts with „Dear future me…“. We had more info sessions that afternoon, for example, about the Learning Centre, the Career Services, language courses or the newly founded Entrepreneurship Centre.

For Tuesday night, the Student Council (Stuco) organised for us to go to a traditional Frankfurt restaurant, where we got to know each other outside of FS. It was wise not to drink too much because the next day was announced as an „outdoor campus“.

The Outdoor Campus – a great opportunity to get to know each other better

The Outdoor Campus took place on Wednesday. We were instructed to wear athletic clothing and knew we would be outside all day. Nothing more was revealed to us. The buses left at 10 am and rode for quite a while. At the end of the ride, we had to walk for about 10 minutes to reach the destination. The destination was a large field (about 3 times a soccer field) surrounded by trees and a covered open area. It was very hot that day, but the FS took care of everything with drinks, food and even paramedics. It wasn’t as sporty as announced, yet the sportswear was fitting for the event. In groups of about 20 people, we got to know each other better: Where do we come from, where do we want to go? In various exercises, we had to work together as a team. At this point, I would like to applaud the recruiting team because our intake is full of special people, and yet we share the same values so that we quickly grew together as a group and were successful in fulfilling the tasks. The name „Outdoor Campus“ was appropriate for this day, as we learned a lot in this game-like setting.

After a long, hot day, dinner and some drinks, it was time to head back. That evening, the Stuco organised a party at the Velvet Club for the intake of the Bachelor and Master programmes.

Informative workshops on various topics

The last two days of the Welcome Week were filled with workshops on various topics; these were voluntary but with prior registration. Here the intakes from the Bachelor and Master programmes came together for the first time on campus. The topics included arriving in Germany, from school to university, networking, storytelling, impression and appearance, successful studying, success in life and much more. For me, I was spoiled for choice when it came to choosing the workshops, as there were only 3 slots and I was interested in many of them. The places were limited and quickly taken. I was lucky to secure a free place on Thursday morning; probably not all were so fit after the exhausting Wednesday event.

On Thursday evening, the Stuco organised a great event: a Pub Crawl in Altsachs, a Frankfurt district full of bars and very popular among students.

Admittedly, I was glad to be able to sleep in again on Saturday morning. The Welcome Week was the perfect start to my studies, yet a bit exhausting. Therefore, I enjoyed a relaxed weekend with my newfound friends before the first lectures started on Monday.

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