#EMBA insights : I'm admitted, first impressions!
Executive MBA / 4. Oktober 2016
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EMBA Class of 2018
Laura Massilamany, Cultural expert, EMBA´18 Student. “Follow me throughout the year during this exciting, demanding, life changing EMBA experience with the class of 2018!”


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Wow, done. Passed. That was a milestone!

Since December 2015, when I have attended the “info session” for the upcoming EMBA class, a good time has passed!  It was a matured and determinate decision, rewarded by a scholarship discount for early bird (end of January) application.

Enrolling for an EMBA is a unique and life-changing experience for anyone committed to these studies. All my fellow students have a family life, a higher position in management or in a financial direction which involve responsibility, making decisions and many more activities to deal, plan on a daily basis.

I have an atypical student profile! My life hasn’t been straightforward (studies, work, family) and everything that I have learned in sidepath has given me the most valuable experiences getting out of my comfort zone. I have worked over 10 years in multinational companies, and lived, worked in few countries. In 2014, I have created my own business in the Cross-cultural field. With an EMBA, I see a way to deepen managements skills with structure, methods, and brighter knowledge in a global business context in order to create value economically in a world which needs awareness and responsible entrepreneurship, a speed which needs innovation to allow society impacting projects to take place.

So why Frankfurt school ?

Well, I have attended few MBA fairs before deciding. I quickly realized that traveling in another country will be adding more complications to a demanding schedule. Frankfurt school is well rated in Finance & Banking field. The FS EMBA just entered in the academic world ranking and the program offered is attractive : global business strategy, leadership Coaching, entrepreneurial Leadership, negotiation & Intercultural management, ethics & business Law, marketing & innovation Management and of course it´s elective module in partner universities (USA, France, Slovenia). Furthermore, with classes, once a month gathering for a long weekend, the FS EMBA is an  adaptable and flexible study opportunity for executives.

Financement options

Comparatively to others university the tuition fees are not exorbitant, 37,900€ for the full EMBA with scholarship up to 15,000€ (Women in leadership, diversity…) payable 3 times each beginning of a semester. Many EMBA students get their studies financed by their companies. For those, like me, self-financing, the school offers loans options. Among the choices, the “Umgekehrter Generationenvertrag” is a possibility to pay the loan back once the studies finished, after we get the job of our dreams for example 😉 Because financial means should never prevent knowledge to grow!

fs-campus (1)

The Assessment Center

Early in may, I have been invited for the assessment center day. “A get to know day” in 3 sections.

– The written skills test : Wow that was a challenge! I have passed exams so long time ago that I miss practice to overcome 5 business articles in an hour! I suspect more of a selection strategy here but it’s not much relevant. What count for the admission is the full picture, skills & personality.

– Teamwork : Each group belongs to a team : a bank investor group vs a Fitness gym business owner group. The exercise assessed our negotiations, financial skills and more importantly our ability to work in a team. Members who tried just to get through their own position had a hard time with this exercise. We were observed individually as well as with the entire crew. I really enjoyed the activity!

– Personal interview : lastly, 2 responsible for the program lead, conducted the personality-based assessment. The questions are taken from concrete business and life situations. Career, ethical, team conflict, decision-making questions which say much about our long-term  motivations for the EMBA studies. These questions are logical and just call to our common sense.

New Campus, Adickesallee

Following the assessment center day, I attended the pleasant admission day with a networking, info session in July. We visited the “New Campus” in Adickesallee. This fantastic complex will welcome us next summer, with giant library and working place open 24/7,  shopping mall, many restaurants with eating clean concept, and leisure activities areas. It´s an overview of a modern, future-oriented, world competitive school.

Class diversity & synergy

The whole program is in English for executive students coming from different regions of the globe, we count a dozen of different nationalities. I see this diversity as a great chance of resources synergy and perspectives learning. An entire module is even dedicated to intercultural business negotiation practices!  With an average of 37 years old and 12 years work experience, students come from all professional boards such as banking & finance, healthcare, manufacturing industries, consulting, law, airlines industries. A strong alumni network and lifelong learning is the motto of
FS. Regular executive talks, many events, and workshop are also offered.

My first Marketing & Sales class!

I am attending the marketing & Sales Management as a trial course, class given by Prof. Dr. Artz, who is not surprisingly, in the same age range of his students. The class is very interesting for me because I don´t come from a Marketing background, I remember even running away from any sales training earlier. I am curious to learn more about tools and methods in this field now.

prof-dr--martin-artz-teaching- (3)

Prof.Dr. Martin Artz teaching EMBA marketing Class

The class display really motivated individuals, students are participating a lot. I asked the Prof. Artz “Are they getting rewarded, graded for participating ? He tells me “no, they are just eager to learn and apply solutions concretely. “

Aqualisa case study is in the day schedule with topics on market strategy, branding, greenfield project, profit potential. The course goes on with “It´s not easy to sell a good product, It´s not hard to sell a bad product”, so how to overcome marketing stereotypes. This is among many, what I have learned from this day.

It was pleasant to experience natural solidarity among students and a sounds teamwork.


Teamwork @ the FS Terrace with view on the ECB !

Motivation – Priorities – Personality

During the break, I got some insights about the workload, organization methods and personal experiences and a glimpse into student motivations: The time commitment that each student is able to give, makes a difference. People who have a very busy schedule with regular travels tend to focus only on how to pass the exams. Others are more interested in personal goals in a knowledge perspective. It all depends on the priorities of each tenant and the expectations of the group. The work method and organization depend on our personality type, some prefer the efficiency and adrenaline of last minute work and others rather a structured work plan over the time.  

To conclude, besides career and salary perspective, an EMBA is for me a chance to realize our leadership potential. We don’t get anything without perseverance. Indeed, it´s not going to be easy but the reward is greater.

Stay tuned to hear more FS Executive MBA stories !  


Laura Massilamany