Executive MBA: Ladies First
Executive MBA / 30. Juni 2020
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MBA Recruitment Manager
Stefanie Will is responsible for the recruitment and marketing activities for the Executive MBA programme at Frankfurt School.


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Here at the Frankfurt School Executive MBA programme we are committed to empowering the next generation of female leaders.  We want to support and encourage women to strengthen their business and leadership skills needed in demanding and influential roles.

Having worked for Frankfurt School for many years in MBA recruitment, I have come to realise that women are sometimes hesitant to apply for an Executive MBA programme because they tend to underestimate their achievements, their successes, their qualifications or their work experience, and on top of that, the juggle of career and family can feel overwhelming.

I want to address some of the questions and topics that are often asked by our female EMBA candidates.

Am I a good fit for the Executive MBA?

Let’s find out! Having a personal conversation about your work experience, your background, your career and personal goals always helps to understand your motivation for an EMBA and determines if the EMBA is a good next step in your career. Don’t be shy if you have doubts, we will help you with your decision.

When should I start my Executive MBA?

I have had many conversations with women about when is the best time for them to start an Executive MBA. To be honest, everyone is different. I think I can say I have seen it all. From the birth of their first child while in the programme, to a mom juggling a demanding job and two little kids at home, to a women starting her own company. With seeing all of that it is truly hard for me to say when should someone start. I guess the answer is whenever YOU feel ready.

Work Life Balance

Being a mother of two myself, I understand fully when someone asks about work life balance. I am always impressed how all these amazing women in the programme make it possible to study part-time while working full-time. And many of them are moms which is a 24/7 job on its own. The “family-friendly” design of our EMBA programme makes it easier for women to organize their work life balance: modules can be taken at weekends and in multiple locations. It is often easier for a woman to step out for two or three days only, and on weekends when kids don’t have to go to school and partners are more likely to be at home. But in general the secret seems to be clear priorities, time management and a strong support by your family and friends.

An EMBA without women?

We usually count more men in our programme than women, but we are committed to changing this. What would an EMBA be without women? Very male dominated and lacking the insight of the female point of view. Women bring different perspectives, different styles of leadership, different priorities and different experiences. Our EMBA lives from diversity and accelerates with the input and exchange of different views, ideas and thoughts. Achieving a gender equal balance in the EMBA is our long-lasting goal.

Therefore, I want to encourage all of you ambitious, energetic, smart and powerful women out there to set aside any doubts and hesitations you may have. Make yourself a priority and trust yourself. You can do it!

I had the chance to interview some of our current female EMBA participants and alumnae about their experiences with the Frankfurt School Executive MBA programme, read here what they had to say.

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