Frankfurt MBA Field Trip to Porsche Headquarter
Career Services / 7. November 2016
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MBA class of 2018
Tobias is a Full-time MBA student from the 2016 intake.


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The field trip to Porsche on the 2nd of November 2016 is part of the career development programme organized by the Career Services department of Frankfurt School.

As Porsche is a very attractive and well- known company and employer, the field trip that was limited to 25 students was fully booked in a matter of 20 minutes after the invitation email was sent!

The trip started early in the morning with a bus trip from Frankfurt to Stuttgart. The closer we got to the headquarters of Porsche, the more my fellow students and I grew more and more excited. After a warm welcome, the first part of the career day was a presentation from the HR representative about Porsche in general as well as career opportunities. We also went through the history of the company which was founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche who was famous for his popular quote:

 “In the beginning, I looked around and could not find the car I’d been dreaming of: a small, lightweight sports car that uses energy efficiently. So I decided to build it myself.

 This quote gets to the heart of everything that makes Porsche what it is – as a brand, as a company and as an automotive manufacturer (cited on The Porsche Principle, Nov 2016).

It was absolutely impressing to see how the company has developed and grown over time from a one person firm to a global player with more than 34,000 employees worldwide. The more information we’ve got about Porsche the more questions about career opportunities came up from our side. Consequently the representative switched to the many different departments within the company and its corresponding job offers. The second speech about the brand Porsche and its marketing strategy was delivered by an employee from the marketing division.

During a pleasant lunch break at the main restaurant of Porsche, we had the chance to network, introduce ourselves, and get information about previous experiences and projects of current employees. This firsthand information basically confirmed our first great impression of the firm and its career opportunities for employees.

After the break we had a great chance to have a guided tour through the production hall in Zuffenhausen, which in my opinion was the most fascinating and interesting part of the whole trip. It was amazing to observe how the engines are manufactured and see how machines and employees work together. The positive working atmosphere was also very noticeable.


Towards the end we had some free time to visit the famous Porsche museum which was kind of a journey through the great history of the company and its different car types. The building has a bold and dynamic architecture which also stands for the firm’s philosophy. It is designed to convey a sense of reception and approachability in order to welcome visitors in a friendly manner.

The development of Porsche since its foundation is amazing and we have a lot to expect in the future. The company clearly stated that it is not resting on its laurels but continuously improving its products as well as customer service. The success story continues..

This was a very good experience and opportunity for all of us who joined the trip. I definitely look forward to joining many more company visits and networking throughout my MBA programme!

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