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Career Services / 9. September 2019
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Master in Management Class of 2017
Miroslav Vrljanovic is a MiM student from Frankfurt School (class 2015). He graduated October 2017 and started working as an Analyst at Accuracy in Frankfurt in July 2018.


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Studying at the Frankfurt School is a one of a kind experience. Attending classes with so many talented and keen young professionals certainly brings the best out of everyone. Frankfurt School’s unique 3+3 schedule offers the best of both worlds – top notch education paired with enough free time to put it into practice. During my studies I quickly realized that in order to differentiate myself from others and to land my dream job, I would need to go at great lengths and dedicate myself to the cause.

First job

Landing the first job can be challenging: What do I want to do? What are my skills? Which employers will allow me to kick start my career while at the same time providing exciting opportunities for personal and professional advancement? While sending numerous applications and attending several interviews is tiring for some, it is a formative process that you should embrace as it eventually shapes your short-term future. I gained my first experience as a working student at a large bank and subsequently gained additional experience through three internships in M&A (at two large banks and one elite boutique).

Career service at FS

After updating my CV and scheduling a meeting with the Career service team, I carefully wrote down the questions that were of interest to me and that I could not find answers to on my own. Frankfurt School does an exceptional job in counseling students on their respective job opportunities. I was particularly impressed by the fact that they have a bespoke approach for each student. I was given a crash course in structuring a CV and motivation letter, and received advice on how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

The job hunt

There is no right or wrong approach to this part of the race as everyone has their own way of searching for potential employers. I followed the advice of a former colleague and started with a list of characteristics that I wanted my future job and/or employer to encompass (e.g. cross-border projects, challenging tasks, out-of-the-box mindset, team mobility, interculturalism, etc.).

Full time offer

After several interview processes with prospective employers I decided to join Accuracy, an independent advisory firm. The interview process was handled in a fast, professional and respectful way. More importantly, I felt that it was a two-way street, which allowed me and my counterparts to thoroughly assess whether we could picture ourselves working together.

The first round was a phone interview with a Manager during which we discussed my career path so far and my future plans. After being greenlighted for the second round, I was invited for an onsite interview with several future team members. The first interview was with a Senior Manager and an Analyst and I was asked to work on a short case study. My results were then discussed with the Senior Manager and another Analyst in the second round. During the third round one of the Partners talked with me about my impressions from the first two rounds and provided some further details on the potential role and career opportunities at Accuracy. Moreover, he briefly touched on the high-level terms of the contract. One week after the interview the Partner called me and officially made an offer. Shortly after, I was invited to Accuracy’s annual global two-day summer seminar which took place in Barcelona. Two months after the summer seminar I participated in the Accuracy school, a two-week training for all newcomers which takes place once a year in Paris and Barcelona. The training consisted of daily lectures by Managers and Partners, coupled with two one-week case studies which we had to present as a group in front of the founding partners.

The two things I appreciate and enjoy the most are the high degree of internationality and working with smart but down-to-earth colleagues from a variety of backgrounds. Moreover, Accuracy allows its employees to work on a wide range of projects, both nationally and internationally, and to take on responsibility early on.

Key takeaways

The single most important thing I learned at FS was – The more you work, the luckier you get. No one has the same career path. In the end it is about trying different things and pushing your own limits. Trying to learn from seniors and continuously demonstrating your willingness and persistence to learn something will take you far. Not everyone will follow and a lot will quit along the way. If you are truly interested in something and always willing to go an extra mile, you will always find an open door.

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