How being innovative with career goals takes you places: US Module of the IHM MBA program
IHM-MBA / 20. Juli 2017
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MBA IHM Class of 2018
Preethy is part of our IHM Class and works as a dentist in India.


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A little more than a year ago I was in front of my laptop researching MBA options. I was working as a full time dentist in Chennai, India and found myself leaning towards administration and management. The next question was how do I get there? After a lot of research I found the perfect fit with the MBA International Healthcare Management program from the Frankfurt School.

Fast forward to June of 2017 and I am at the Washington Dulles International Airport to attend the 4th module of the program. I am tired, jet lagged after an incredibly long journey but also dizzy with excitement on my first trip to the United States. Washington DC is a beautiful city, and on the way to my Airbnb in the heart of DC, I took in the sights, the broad pavements and helicopters hovering around the sky (DC is the capital of the United States after all!!). The people are friendly and I loved indulging my tourist side visiting the White house, the Washington Monument and the various war memorials in the city.

The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument

View of the Harbour from Carey Business School

View of the Harbour from Carey Business School

On a sunny Thursday morning, as I entered the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, DC campus, I was excited to learn about the US healthcare system. I enjoy the unique structure of the IHM program; learning about the different healthcare systems in different countries. I find that learning about a country’s healthcare standpoint gives you a deep insight into the current political, social and economic climate. Entering class I find the familiar faces of my classmates catching up with each other and the FS faculty like no time had passed from the previous module.

Ooutside the school in DC

Ooutside the school in DC

This module was about Innovation, Strategy and Project Management. Once class begins we dive right into the complexity of the US healthcare system. We are taught by   Associate professor Toby Gordon from the Carey Business School who was engaging throughout with lectures, assigning team work and also bringing out some of our acting talents with impromptu case scenarios. With the diverse background of our class by nationalities and professions we are never short of lively discussions.

After two days in Washington DC, we headed out to the main campus in Baltimore. Baltimore though only an hour way from DC was completely different and had its own charm. The history of Baltimore and the Johns Hopkins University is fascinating. In Baltimore the business school overlooks a beautiful harbor.  We got to visit the Johns Hopkins University hospital, and after a brief tour we were shown around the Judy Reitz Capacity Command center at the hospital, something I have never seen before and left all of us pretty impressed. The site visits helped us comprehend the challenges faced at different levels of the US health care system and why Innovation was crucial. We also had a guest speaker who was a rapper from Baltimore. Prof Gordon and the Rapper Diablo collaborated to produce a rap song on the US healthcare system which is really cool! Reflecting back I realize in the course of seven days of the module I have learnt so much and gained a new perspective on healthcare. Despite the schedule, as a group we always manage to have some fun dinners together.

So far on this course I have gotten out of my comfort zone; learning how to balance work, travel and personal life while keeping on top of assignments and studying. I have also been fortunate to have met a group of truly wonderful, inspiring people whose friendships I will treasure beyond the IHM MBA program. I am glad I took this MBA journey with the Frankfurt School. Looking forward, I am open to new opportunities and experiences the rest of the modules have to offer!

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