MBA opening and first impressions
Part-time MBA / 8. November 2019
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Part-time MBA Class of 2021
Savaş Toplama was born in Germany and has Turkish origins. He joined the Lufthansa Group in 2006 and worked in different business areas such as engineering, consulting, project management and business development. Savaş is a Part-time MBA Class of 2021 candidate.


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Early October, the MBA opening took place on the new and impressive Frankfurt School campus. For the new part-time MBA class, the day started with a welcome reception followed by the opening speech of the programme director Prof. Dr. Horst Löchel and welcome notes by the class speakers of the current classes. Valuable insights were shared how to tackle the upcoming challenges by emphasizing the importance of mutual support and the spirit of sharing ideas and experiences. The agenda included the curriculum introduction, an inspiring keynote speech, and a variety of alumni reflections to emphasise the full development potential of the MBA journey ahead. A successful and exciting first day came to an end with a big reception accompanied by live jazz music, which gave us the opportunity to network with peers across all MBA programmes in a very welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

Leadership Camp

The next day, we were headed towards the Lufthansa Conference Centre in Seeheim for a two-day leadership camp. Through this great experience, we all had the chance to become acquainted with each through several, well-coordinated team building activities. It was striking to see the internationality of fellow students and the represented diversity of professional careers. As the location includes both a bar and bowling alley, the fun continued after the official part of the programme and everyone enjoyed further networking across MBA programmes in the evening. In conclusion, it can clearly be said that the leadership camp was a highlight, the target of creating team spirit within the class was reached and the stage was set for and exciting common MBA journey.

First Week of Lectures

Our common venture started with lectures on Global Economy and Competitive Strategies. Both the teaching style and learning environment are very different to what I was used to from earlier studies: The focus clearly lies on real-world case studies, which encourage us to work on and solve current business challenges across the globe. Vivid exchange with fellow students and learning from their experiences while working on the case studies with the guidance of the professors is a crucial part of the learning process. The practical relevance of the knowledge transfer was underlined with the visit to the European Central Bank. Here we were introduced to the current activities of the  committee undertaking monetary policy measures. Getting deep insights into topics, which we are usually only hearing about in the newspapers and on television, was definitely an unforgettable experience. To sum it up, all of our expectations for the first week as a part-time MBA participants – which were set very high – have been met and excelled. I am very happy about my decision to join this MBA programme and I look forward to everything there is to come.

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