Studium - Masters


Mein Weg zum Master in Corporate Performance and Restructuring
23. Juni 2020
Ivan Bilic Nosic
My Master studies in times of COVID-19 and online classes
14. September 2020
Tobias Biesenbach
My experience as a Private Equity Intern
14. September 2020
Daniel Schex
Ökonomische & juristische Expertise: Mein Weg zur Wirtschaftsjuristin
23. Juni 2020
Selina Ginzinger
Hands-on Startup Summer Workshop at FS
12. August 2020
Aika Bolat
New era of Chinese FDI in Germany: Potential tightening of investment screening
6. Juli 2020
Kuang Hou
How a Master thesis can get you the right job
14. Mai 2020
Aika Bolat
Working Student Diary: Commerzbank
9. Juni 2020
Birgit Stock
Why the MoF at Frankfurt School?
25. Mai 2020
Lianna Mirzoyan
Semester Opening & Executive Talk at ECB
3. März 2020
Nicole Sarmiento
My Double Life as an Investment Consultant and Master Student
18. Mai 2020
Malte Oppel
Working Student Diary: Private Equity Analyst at
18. Mai 2020
Menno Branger
How the Master of Finance led me to my Investment Banking Career
5. Februar 2020
Yulia Botsman
Warum gerade jetzt den Master of Financial Law studieren?
22. April 2020
Nicole Driesen
True leaders will shine in these crises!
1. April 2020
Ute Buhler