Studium - MBA


EMBA on top of a PhD: A powerful duo
23. September 2020
Julie Michaud-Bernlochner
Getting ahead with a Part-time MBA: From Banking to International Auditing and Consulting
24. September 2020
Alexander Graf
After my PhD in Science, I decided to join an MBA and convinced my husband to do the same!
22. September 2020
Laura Pandolfi, PhD
Part-time MBA: Benefits to my career & the corona crisis
18. Mai 2020
Gerardo Leal
How the MBA for Executives changed my career path drastically
15. September 2020
Christian Ngoy
Finding my Ikigai in the Full-time MBA
19. August 2020
Amrit Sagar
Why I chose an MBA as an already established healthcare professional
20. März 2020
Dr. Arun Kumarasamy
How my MBA shaped my career transition
5. August 2020
David Gerner
Making the move from Data Engineer to Entrepreneur with the Part-time MBA in Hamburg
27. Juli 2020
Talal Mahmood Chaudhry
KODE-Coaching: Soft Skills und Selbstbewusstsein stärken
29. Januar 2020
Georgios Triantafyllou
The countdown begins: Starting my Part-time MBA this October!
21. Juli 2020
Nick Gawreluk
Why It´s Important to Attend Learning Events
16. Juli 2020
Fakhry Siblani
Why I chose the part-time MBA at Frankfurt School
15. Oktober 2019
Achim Gnadt
International MBA Marathon Training
16. Juli 2020
Katja Alexandra Becker
You are an engineer, what do you need an MBA for?
14. Juli 2020
Aimé Matamba L. Cibamba