Starting a new chapter in life by following my instinct
Executive MBA / 21. April 2021
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Executive MBA Class of 2022
Alessandro is currently studying in the Executive MBA programme at Frankfurt School. He is working as a Senior Operations Excellence Manager at Amazon in Munich. He has broad experience in operations and before moving to Amazon, he worked 10 years at General Electric, covering several different roles.


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New job

When I saw the job description “Senior Operations Excellence Manager” within Amazon, I literally said “wow! this job seems to be written for me!”. I applied, got the job and since Thursday, 1 April I started my new role in Amazon Flex and moved to a new city, Munich.

At General Electric, one of the companies representing the top world standard for operations excellence, I was able to further improve on my analytical and interpersonal skillset. Skills that have always been among my strengths. As highlighted in the last chapter of the masterpiece “Atomic Habits”, to maximize our success we need to choose the right field where we play. In the last months, I felt Munich was “calling me”, and for the new job indeed I relocated to Munich. For a while I was thinking that this city would be the perfect fit for me for many reasons: It is one of the European business hubs, great international environment, wonderful natural regions to explore and last, but not least, with a strong Italian influence!

New business: Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a relative new business, where suppliers can be their own bosses, delivering Amazon packages on their own cars, and at their own schedule. I was really fascinated by how this new business is reshaping the industry. Working for it, I believe it represents a perfect combination between the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset typical for a start-up and the scale and scope of a big company. I have been working for one year at Amazon, and I feel very happy about it. I significantly see how the 14 leadership principles (established by Jeff Bezos) are really followed every single day even in the newest business.

New degree: Executive MBA

The Executive MBA I am attending at Frankfurt School supported and helped me to achieve my goals:

  • For the job position, one of the requirements was having an MBA. Therefore, it helped my CV to stand out.
  • It is proof of a broad knowledge about the many and complex aspects of a business and of the focus on self-development.
  • It made me realize even more the importance of being surrounded and networking with talented, smart, and like-minded professionals.

Follow your instinct

Reflecting on my career, and the paths I chose to take, one thing that distinguishes it, is that I always followed what my gut instinct.

After I finished my master’s degree in industrial mechanical engineering in Ancona, I decided to move to Florence for an exciting opportunity with General Electric. Two years later, I was ready to apply for the Operations Management Leadership Program, that allowed me to stay in Germany for one year. After having finished the programme, I felt that the best choice would be to continue the experience abroad. Therefore, I took the job as master scheduler for GE in Germany. To my mind, in every step there is always a trade-off, but I accept to pay it because I have no doubt that following what your heart is telling you, is the most important thing to do, and there will never be regrets in doing this. So now I am working in an exciting new job that fits perfectly to me, working for a company that I admire, living in the city that was “calling me” and continue doing my Executive MBA. I am not sure where my journey will bring me, but I am sure about one thing…. The best is yet to come!

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