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Master in Management

Internship at Visa – dipping my toes in the water of digital payments
4. Oktober 2021
Mona Jasmin Baumann
How I changed my plans, but not the goal
24. November 2021
Soamya Singh
How Frankfurt School is helping me achieve my goals
14. Oktober 2021
Irem Doruk
From a Frankfurt School student to a Corporate Development Director
22. April 2021
Marc Sanabras Garrido
My transition from engineering to management
8. Oktober 2021
Jonas Daum
Why I returned to FS after working full-time
6. Oktober 2021
Jiaxin Xu
Why I Chose the Master in Management
8. Februar 2021
Stefan Höflich
Master's study trip to Portgual – sustainability, sand and sangria
2. September 2021
Bronwyn Hoskins-Davies
How I combined part-time working and studying for my Master's degree
12. Juli 2021
Friedrich Von Papen
Studying & working in Frankfurt: the 2-year journey of a Dutch student
8. Oktober 2020
Foeke IJntema
3 day model – combining theory and practice smoothly
3. Mai 2021
Wiebke Riegelmann
From Frankfurt School to CEO, in the blink of an eye
26. April 2021
Eliomaria Narducci
How a Master thesis can get you the right job
14. Mai 2020
Aika Bolat
My choice, my second home, my future
15. April 2021
Anastasia Ostritchi
Master in Management: Global Strategy Concentration
11. März 2021
Aika Bolat