Three reasons to start your career in consulting
Career Services / 24. Oktober 2019
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Master in International Business Class of 2014
Julia has more than 10 years of work experience in the financial sector. She studied Finance at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University and worked in the corporate finance sector for five years afterwards. Julia joined Sopra Steria Consulting in 2014 as a consultant for Anti-Financial Crime cases and works with clients in international projects ever since.


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Exactly five years ago, I chose for a job in the consulting industry after graduating from Frankfurt School. Like many other young professionals with a business management or economic background, I wanted to pursue a work about which I would be passionate. Even after five years in consulting, I still feel this job is the best possible fit for me. I have grown professionally and personally, mostly because I can challenge myself every day.

You may now be in the same situation, graduating from college and looking for a career start to utilize your creative, methodical, and entrepreneurial thinking. Here are three reasons why you should experience consulting as a job:


No matter what field of consulting you specialize, change always surrounds you. The banking sector is under a lot of pressure today and players from outside the industry enter the market with highly innovative, digital financial products: GAFAs, Fintechs, platforms – to name only a few. Continuous adaptation to changing market conditions is key for companies to safeguard future success.

Being a consultant means being ahead of the industry. It is our ultimate goal to have a positive impact on our clients, businesses and society. This implies constant re-thinking of established processes, the ambition to elaborate solutions, and the excitement to pitch new ideas to clients. Sometimes, you will have free reign to propose entirely new approaches, but chances are that you have to act within a given framework. This might sound challenging at the beginning, but it will eventually become a habit.


With the variety and frequency of projects, you will gain insights into different corporations, functional areas and geographies. Even if you focus on a certain sector or topic, consulting gives you the chance to experience different companies, cultures and stakeholders.

My focus is on Financial Crime prevention, a rather specific part of the entire compliance spectrum. Still, with every project I am able to move between different divisions and to see the way different departments operate. It constantly increases flexibility, knowledge and the ability to interpret and conclude. In this unique work setting, you are able to derive best practices that you can take to your next assignment.


One of the most valuable things I learned in consulting is effective communication. Being a consultant means transforming business processes. This is teamwork – the work of people with different qualifications, skills and expertise. Irrespective of seniority level, everyone involved must be able to reflect on the latest status, results and next steps. It is essential to collaborate as a strong unit capable of delivering the transformation.

Hence, executing a project requires us to share ideas, knowledge and methodologies on a daily basis, either within the team, the corporation or among clients. Clear and active communication empowers you to sufficiently manage these prerequisites and ensure that everyone involved will feel comfortable in supporting the change.

Without any doubt, there are plenty of more reasons to go into consulting. It provides outstanding opportunities to work on latest trends, to progress quickly and engage with talented people. Becoming a consultant is a personal decision. I encourage everyone to take time to think about his or her ambition and to join our team at Sopra Steria Consulting for the opportunity to learn, grow, and progress as a professional business consultant.

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