Visit to Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Career Services / 17. Mai 2016
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MBA class of 2016
Nikita was a MBA Student and graduated in 2016.


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After our exciting trip to Milano, we were thrilled to visit the Frankfurt Stock Exchange – the Mecca of finance in Europe. We were anxious to get the insights direct from the horse’s mouth. Upon entering we saw the enticing statues of the “Bull and Bear” that rightly symbolizes the fickle nature of the trading market. It will be paradoxical to say that Deutsche Börse is one of the oldest yet most modernized stock exchange in the world. Founded in 1585, we were amazed to see how Frankfurt Stock Exchange has maintained its relevance throughout this time by adapting new ways of trading.

Prior to this visit, most of us had a presumption of how the stock exchange works which was completely wrong. The image of turbulent floor trading, people shouting and pointing fingers, was the exact opposite of the reality.

The visit started with an introductory presentation followed by a visit to the gallery.

Introductory Presentation

Upon our arrival, the MBA students were assisted by a representative from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange who gave a presentation on the history of the stock exchange. The 45 minutes’ presentation gave us an idea about the daily businesses held at the stock exchange and Xetra® System – one of the most efficient and fully electronic trading platforms worldwide that works at extremely low cost regardless of the trader’s location. Some of the noteworthy points about Xetra® are as follows:

  1. 96% of DAX® shares in Germany are traded on Xetra®
  2. With more than 1 million products, Xetra® offers a huge variety of tradeable instruments.

Visitors’ Gallery


After the presentation when we peeked through the gallery, we saw the working arena of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. We were very impressed by the robust IT infrastructure that is used to analyze huge amount of data on a daily basis. One of the most enticing features about the stock exchange was the gallery’s floor. The floor had tiles that turned either green or red depending on the rise or fall of the DAX and MDAX companies.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange showed us the transformation of trading through the course of history. As most of us are finance enthusiasts, we were very much thrilled about getting inside the heart of the German economy. Not only did the visit give us an insight about the functions and challenges involved in trading but also a clear picture of how trading is actually done in a quiet and orderly manner. It was such an intuitive experience that will never be forgotten.