4 reasons to LOVE the Master in Management
Master in Management / 16. Februar 2015
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Programme Director, Master in Management
Juliane graduated from the Master in Management in 2014 after working for several years at a leading German automotive company. She is now Programme Director for the MiM at Frankfurt School.


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After having completed my bachelor’s degree with a famous German car maker and having caught a glimpse of the complexity and fascination that comes with a global company I wanted to learn everything about what makes such a company tick. So at that time the Master in Management seemed to be the best option and let me tell you, it did not disappoint…

Personal Choice of Specialization

Within the two years of my studies I learned everything from the fascinating and important topic of supply chain management, without which a company could never function, to the maybe not so interesting field of accounting. Whilst the MiM, as us students and alumni lovingly call it, gives a great overview and  all the essential and various areas and success factors of a manufacturing company it also provides the opportunity to focus on a field of personal interest and to become an expert therein. 2 1/2 years after the programme was introduced four very interesting concentrations are now on offer: In addition to the initial Manufacturing and Banking students nowadays are able to choose between Strategy & Organisation and the brand new Digital Business (as of summer semester 2016) concentrations.

Programme on the Rise

The Master in Management was initiated in 2012 and in the meantime the programme director has upped the game and enhanced the entire programme. Looking at the increase of offerings it becomes obvious that the MiM is a growing programme, which has been progressing and shows more and more potential for future graduates because it is adapting to the demands of the markets and has been tailored to really fit the students’ needs.

Industry Network

Throughout his career the academic director Prof. Dr. Thun has built up an impressive network of corporate partners.  And he is not afraid to use it! After all he somehow manages to lure very interesting guest speakers from different industrial backgrounds to his lectures who help the students to really grasp what management is all about.
Long before the programme had started Prof. Dr. Thun actually made a point of touching base with every one of his future students and discussing their working situation, trying to figure out if he could support them in any way. Until today he has not grown tired of passing on the news to his current or alumni students as soon as he hears about a position becoming available.

Combining Theory and Practice

Sitting in a class room and listening to lecturers go on and on about a topic that they have been teaching monotonously for years is not your thing? –I couldn’t agree more! And that’s why I really enjoyed the little MiM field trips. After having learned about the various basic principles of a production line we were allowed to visit the holy halls of manufacturing giants like Daimler’s EvoBus & John Deere. If you do not realize what the theory behind all of operations management is about, going on a guided tour through a luxury bus factory and following its value chain is really going to paint a clear picture for you, trust me.

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