Back to Frankfurt School – Same place, different story
Master in Management / 8. Oktober 2020
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Master in Management Class of 2021
Soeren is a Master in Management student. Before starting his master’s he graduated from a bachelor’s also at Frankfurt School in Business Informatics. He works alongside his studies in Wealth Management Analysis at UBS.


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My Master in Management program started in February 2020. Right after I had graduated my Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems at Frankfurt School, I started my gap year in order to gain professional experience in different companies. During the gap year I have always known that I would start a Master-in-Management program because my goal is to get into a leading position in a large company. Due to the great rankings and my positive experience during the Bachelor, I decided to go back to Frankfurt School.

When I walked through the great hall of Frankfurt School again, I was glad to be back and honored to enjoy the privilege of getting a higher level of education. The first two months started great, the lectures were interesting and valuable, new friendships were formed and new experiences were gained. Everything felt almost as great as during my Bachelor studies.

Then in March, the number of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 increased dramatically on a day-to-day basis. At one point, Frankfurt School decided to shut down the campus and to change the format to digital lectures. The first weeks of online lectures were something I had to get used to. The experience was completely different, also because you were not able to interact with friends and colleagues during breaks. Personally, nothing could replace the personal interaction in a classroom. The small classes were one defining characteristic I valued most at Frankfurt School. After some time, most students, including me, got used to the new experience.

Next to my studies, I work at UBS Europe SE in the OpernTurm in Wealth Management. In the office, we started to split the team and change the presence in the office on a weekly basis. In the beginning, it was a great change but after some time I also got used to this. At work, I faced many difficult situations. Gladly, lectures like Leadership helped me to rethink everything, evaluate the whole situation and then come to a decision.

Luckily after semester break, Frankfurt School developed an overarching concept to enable presence lectures for the students again. Each classroom has been altered in a way each place could be taken by a student without a risk of infection. Additionally, Frankfurt School introduced their own tracking system for their students. Each student has to wear it while on campus. This innovation ensures that Frankfurt School can easily track possible new infections to minimize further spreads. Of course, some habits needed a change but overall I am amazed by this great solution which allows the students to come back to Campus and experience most parts of the classic student life at Frankfurt School.

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