From a Frankfurt School student to a Corporate Development Director
Master in Management / 22. April 2021
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Master in Management Class of 2016
After pursuing a Master in Management at Frankfurt School, Marc found a position as a Corporate Development Director at Marlex Human Capital.


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My name is Marc Sanabras and I come from a small city named Girona, which is a one hour drive away from Barcelona. Girona is widely known for its charming old town and its golden location between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea, making it a great place to live during the four seasons of the year. It has been 5 years now since I graduated from Frankfurt School and people still ask me what brought me from Girona to Frankfurt.

Why is Frankfurt School special?

After finishing my bachelor’s in engineering in Barcelona, I decided to move to Frankfurt to pursue a Master in Management (MIM) for several reasons. First, I wanted to study at a top business school in Europe, where not only would I learn from experienced professors, but also from excellent classmates within an international environment. Second, the 3-day-model of the MiM was key for me to also work part-time for an international automotive company which allowed me to quickly grab practical experience and to put into practice everything learned in class. It is certainly true that, by then, I had very limited free time since combining the two was tough. But now, looking back, I can totally say it was worth it, after realising how much knowledge and expertise I gained during that time. Last but not least, I was convinced that the strong proximity of the school to companies would facilitate a valuable professional opportunity right after graduation, which was what actually happened. I was able to stay at the same firm where I was working as a student, which allowed me to grow fast as a young professional in Germany.

Where did Frankfurt School lead me to?

Two years ago I moved back home and I am currently the Corporate Development Director at Marlex Human Capital. Our mission is to help build a more prosperous future for organisations by recruiting the best talent for them. We are more than 250 professionals and now growing at a very fast pace, which makes skills such as business strategy acumen and solid design thinking capabilities play an essential role in my current position. All the knowledge acquired at Frankfurt School is helping me in decision-making processes and strategy execution.

I have great memories of my time at Frankfurt School, a good example of them is the amazing time I had training and competing with the basketball team of the school, from which I was part during my two years of Masters. Moreover, I met outstanding people from different nationalities and made great friendships, which will last forever.

We enjoyed many Schnitzels with green sauce, HandKäs mit Musik, Apfelwein and red wine. Frankfurt has many great things to discover!

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