18. Dezember 2018
My SAP journey from the Technology to the Headquarters

Bishesh Naik

We all have certain aspirations and some dreams which we think would be possible if we go out there and give our best. The MBA provides a nice platform which catapults us in the right direction, to say the least. I was no different. I am an electrical & electronics engineer from India who has around 6 years of work experience under his belt.
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15. April 2019
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29. Januar 2019
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18. März 2019
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18. Februar 2019
Akanksha Singla
From a career in telecommunications in Syria to an MBA at Frankfurt School
15. Februar 2019
Anas Darkoushy
My SAP journey from the Technology to the Headquarters
18. Dezember 2018
Bishesh Naik
My German Success – Making a career in Germany
5. Februar 2019
Mohammed Dadabei
Talk by the Centre Director Europe of the Singapore Economic Development Board
4. Februar 2019
Julian Posmeck