Humboldt-University to Frankfurt School. Would I do it again?
Master in Management / 12. April 2017
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Master of Finance Student '18
Yannick is a Master of Finance Class of 2018 student.


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Grad school. Pre-Experience. Financial Times Ranking. What else do I need to add? Humboldt-University did a great job in laying the foundation but last summer was the right time for the next step. For building the house, to stick to that analogy. When I first read about the Master’s programmes at Frankfurt School, I was quick to discover that it was exactly the right thing for me. I wanted a more hands-on approach, I wanted to be taught using real life problems, I wanted reduced class-sizes. Even though I didn`t have years of experience in banking, I still wanted a lot. Impressively, FS has managed to exceed all of those expectations.

Tired of working at a bar to finance your studies because it doesn`t expose you to any relevant work experience?
Then you should think about relocating to Frankfurt. FS` unique three-day-model allows you to work Monday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Friday while studying full-time. This differentiates FS from other (often one-year) programs and afterwards allows you to further progress academically and pursue a Ph.D. Plus, banks around town are loving it, since you can add more value to them than any intern. However, I am not going to lie. It is challenging to work three days, study three days and get all your assignments done when they are due. But come on, you want to work in finance afterwards… We live for that kind of challenge! I can make it, so can you!

There has to be a catch. It is probably full of people I don`t want to hang out with?!
No! Cut the ‚don`t‘! My class is amazing. People from all over the world attend the program and FS helps in forming a large group out of them. First, there is an outdoor campus where we do team building activities and get to know each other, so the first day at school doesn`t start with you being a complete stranger to everyone. Second, we all have a common interest – finance and management, meaning that you can start an interesting conversation with just about anyone. Third, after spending an entire semester together we, on the Master of Finance programme went to Luxembourg for a second round of “getting to know each other”. I could extend that list for quite a while, but you should simply find out for yourself. FS is not even close to being as anonymous as a large university. Actually, it is the complete opposite.

Bonus (another magical word for future finance professionals)
FS has an optimal location. Frankfurt is simply THE place to be in Germany if you are looking to start a career in finance. Headquarters of the largest German banks, European subsidiaries of the most renowned banks in the world, plenty of elite M&A boutiques… You have a whole world of opportunities to choose from. And what makes it even better? FS Career Services can and will help you to find your path and reach your (ambitious) goals. But, Frankfurt has a lot more to offer than just helping you in skyrocketing your career. There is the Main (a lovely river, which flows right through the city center), there is a ton of good restaurants (you can eat a different cuisine each night), there are tons of good bars (I won`t need to tell you what to do there) and FS has the right people to explore all of that.

So, would I do it again? The answer is simple, yes!

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