Master in Management: People, Management & Organisations Concentration
Master in Management / 5. Februar 2021
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Programme Manager, Master in Management and Master of Finance
Aika holds degrees in international relations and public policy, before joining FS she worked at SDA Bocconi and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. She is now the Programme Manager for the MiM and MoF at Frankfurt School.


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Brands, organisations, and governments succeed by nurturing human capital and developing customer insights. People are the driving force of creating efficient business processes, innovating and leading organisations to reach their full potential. By the same token, people are the consumers of innovations, products, and services offered by organisations. Organisations with people-centric cultures keep their employees committed and customers engaged which result in increased productivity and customer satisfaction. Therefore it is utmost important to allow Master in Management students to gain deeper insights into the study of People, Management & Organisations.

Focus of the concentration

Through the concentration that focuses on the study of people and organisations, we offer courses that instil the key competencies of understanding customers and formulating people-centric policies and strategies applicable across diverse industries.

The concentration consists of six modules:

  • Managerial Decision Making
  • Power, Politics, and Social Networks
  • Persuasive Communication
  • Diversity Management
  • Change Management
  • Learning through Action – Applied Topics in Management

The courses offered in the concentration rely on theories in psychology, sociology, management and economics. We use applied real-world case studies to develop people analytics, decision-making competences, business interactions and effective communication skills to better understand the actions and decisions of consumers, managers, and policy makers. Further insights are provided into managing social relationships and networks as well as the way managers influence decision-makers to be accountable for their actions and behaviour. Highlight of this concentration is the special focus given to diversity management. Designing inclusive workplaces that provide employees and customers with equal opportunity is crucial.  In today’s marketplace, there is a growing demand for inclusion. Through a dedicated course on Diversity Management the main principles of creating, nurturing and developing inclusive and diverse teams and organizations will be discussed.

An important aspect of the concentration is the emphasis given to developing important skills in understanding consumers to provide better customer solutions, products and services that impact marketing and policy-making. It is crucial that our Master in Management graduates are able to convince customers to be responsible and environmentally conscious consumers and are able to communicate on the desirable outcome that certain products and services generate for the greater good of the society.

Career opportunities

Studying the Master in Management programme with a focus on People, Management & Organisations from the second semester on will open a variety of opportunities for students who chose this concentration. Upon completion of this concentration, students have an advanced ability to manage human resources, develop talents, communicate effectively, positively engage and embrace diversity in the workforce and lead by example. Graduates can apply these essential skills to work in consultancy, human resources, policymaking, leadership, corporate communications, public relations, marketing or customer insights and analytics, business development and strategy roles across a wide range of industries. Do you see yourself as a future manager with important skillsets in one of the aforementioned business areas? Then this concentration is the right choice for you.

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