The Master in Management: Concentration in Manufacturing
Master in Management / 26. Mai 2015
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Professor für Operations Strategie


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The concentration in manufacturing is consistently one of the most popular amongst our Master in Management students. It comprises three modules that prepare students for challenging but interesting jobs in different industries. Former students of this concentration work in companies such as automotive manufacturers and suppliers, logistics providers, consultancies, etc.

This fascinating concentration covers many highly relevant aspects that are essential for work in large manufacturing companies. For example, students in the Supply Chain Management & Logistics module will play the famous Beer Game, which was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has been played by students, managers and scientists all over the world.

The concentration’s content is presented in a practical manner so as to make it very tangible for students. Students will often complete group presentations to illustrate certain concepts. Some concepts, like the Traveling Salesman Problem,are presented as in-class games. Students especially enjoy the explanation of fulfillment of orders based on Just In Sequence, which is illustrated with the delivery of ice cream in the sequence in which students have ordered. In addition to these live exercises, students have access to renowned practitioners, who deliver talks and answer questions on topics such as additive manufacturing or Industry 4.0. Not all instruction happens in the classroom, however. Students are invited to participate in plant tours and site visits so they can see the theories they’ve learned first-hand. Last year, students were able to experience elements of supply chain management and logistics and observe the challenging environment at a manufacturing company in their visits to Lufthansa Cargo, Goodyear Dunlop, and Daimler, to name a few. The module ends with the Logistics Challenge, where students compete against eachother in groups to solve complex logistical problems.

After completing their concentration in Manufacturing, many students decide to continue exploring the topic in their Master’s thesis. Topics have included supply chain risk management, strategic supply chain management, optimization problems in production, high performance manufacturing, and manufacturing strategy. The students who have written the best theses relating to manufacturing are eligible for the Manufacturing Management Award, which is sponsored by automotive supplier Norma Group.

In a nutshell, the manufacturing concentration is interesting, interactive, and inspiring. So, join us! There is no better way to learn!

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